City of Sydney

Council Meeting, The Administrators 16 February 2004


16 February 2004

1.December 2003 - Quarter 2 Budget Review
2.Investments held by Council as at 31 January 2004
3.Victoria Park Pool Plant Room Upgrade
4.Sydney Festival
5.Cultural Funding
6.Spanish Quarter Street Festival
7.Council Meeting Program
Confidential Items - items 8 to 16 will be dealt with by Council while the meeting is closed to the public
8.Riley Street and Pelican Street, Surry Hills adjoining 55-73 Oxford Street - extinguishment of right of way (Confidential)
9.Approval to lease level 3, 50-52 Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross (Confidential)
10.Levels 3 & 4, Park House, 295-301 Pitt Street, Sydney – Proposed Lease (Confidential)
11.Glebe Foreshore Project Stage 1 - Construction Works Tender (Confidential)
12.Capital Works Budget Update (Confidential)
13.Review of City's Parking Meter network (Confidential)
14.Legal Panel – Risk Management and other matters (Confidential)
15.Art & About (Confidential)
16.Consultancy Agreement (Confidential)
Commencing no earlier than 6.00pm , the following planning related items will be dealt with by Council in open session.
17.Development Application: 1-7 Blackfriars Street, Chippendale Nsw 2008
18.City of Sydney Draft Contaminated Land Development Control Plan 2004
19.‘Dual Use’ (Random Residential/Serviced Apartment Mix) – Status Report
20.Parking Space Levy Review - February 2004
21.Plans and Planning Policies applying to expanded city area