City of Sydney

Finance, Properties and Tenders Committee 6 September 2004


6 September 2004

1.Disclosures of Interest
2.St Margaret’s - Proposed Lease of Council Stratum
Confidential Items -
Items 3 to 8 will be dealt with by the Finance, Properties and Tenders Committee while the meeting is closed to the public
3.Changes to proposed lease for 112-126 Broadway (Confidential)
4.Lease of Ground Floor, 101-111 William Street, East Sydney (Confidential)
5.Sydney Square (Confidential)
6.Tender No 0414: supply of barge and tug hire for New Year's Eve 2004 (Confidential)
7.Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool Maintenance and Operation Plan for 2004/2005 (Confidential)
8.Prince Alfred Park Pool Operations for Season 2004/05 – acceptance of Tender No. 0417 (Confidential)


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