City of Sydney

Council Meeting 9 May 2005


Meeting 9 May 2005
at 5pm

Confirmation of Minutes
1.Confirmation of Minutes
Disclosures of Interest
2.Disclosures of Interest
Minutes by the Lord Mayor
3.Minutes by the Lord Mayor
Memoranda by the Chief Executive Officer
4A.Adoption of the code of meeting practice
4B.429-481 George street, Sydney (Queen Victoria Building) – request for owner’s consent
Matters for Tabling
5.Matters for Tabling
Reports of Committees
6.Report of the Finance, Properties and Tenders Committee - 2 May 2005
7.Report of the Environment and Heritage Committee - 2 May 2005
8.Report of the Cultural and Community Services Committee - 2 May 2005
9.Report of the Planning Development and Transport Committee comprising: the Major Development Assessment Sub-committee, the Development Assessment Sub-committee and the Planning Policy Sub-committee - 2 May 2005
Reports to Council
10.Grants and Sponsorships Policy - amendments
11.Development Application: Martin Place, Between Elizabeth and Phillip Streets and Pitt and Castlereagh Streets, Sydney
12.Policy for Waste Minimisation in new Developments
13A.Questions on notice
13B.Supplementary answers to previous questions
13C.Question time
Notices of Motion
14.Notices of Motion