City of Sydney

Council Meeting 11 April 2005


Meeting 11 April 2005
at 5pm

Confirmation of Minutes
1.Confirmation of Minutes
Disclosure of Interest
2.Disclosures of Interest
Minutes by The Lord Mayor
3A.Sydney Airport Expansion
3B.Auditor-General’s Report on managing Air Quality
Memoranda by The Chief Executive Officer
4.Memoranda by The Chief Executive Officer
Reports of Committees
5.Matters for tabling
6.Report of the Finance, Properties and Tenders Committee - 4 April 2005
7.Report of the Cultural and Community Services Committee - 4 April 2005
8.Report of the Planning Development and Transport Committee Comprising: the major Development Assessment Sub-Committee, the Development Assessment Sub-Committee and the Planning Policy Sub-Committee - 4 April 2005
Reports to Council
9.Land transactions of laneways within previous Leichhardt and South Sydney City Council Areas - Update
10.Landscape upgrade for Hyde Park North - Tender
11.Development Application: 22 Union Street, Pyrmont
12.Development Application: 330-346 George Street, Sydney (incorporating former National Australia Bank building at 340-346 George Street, Palings land and vacant site at 330-334 George Street, Sydney)
13.Development Application: 104-110 Broadway, Chippendale (St Benedict's)
14.Zetland area traffic study
15.Draft notification of Planning Development Applications Development Control Plan: Report on Submissions
16.Attendance at the Planning Institute of Australia National Congress 2005
17.Investments held by Council as at 31 March 2005
18.Questions on Notice
Notices of Motion
19.Notices of Motion


Please Note: All reports will be published on the site as they become available.