City of Sydney

Council Meeting 21 February 2005


Meeting 21 February 2005
at 6pm

Confirmation of Minutes
1.Confirmation of Minutes
Disclosures of Interest
2.Disclosures of Interest
Minutes by the Lord Mayor
3A.Council Partnership with Redfern-Waterloo Authority
3B.Integrated Transport Strategy: Mass Transit Report
3C.National Tourism Award: New Year’s Eve
3D.3 CBDs Greenhouse Initiative
3E.Amended Starting Time for Council Meetings
Memoranda by the General Manager
4.Powers of Attorney
Matters for Tabling
5.Matters for Tabling
Reports of Committees
6.Report of The Finance, Properties and Tenders Committee - 14 February 2005
7.Report of The Cultural and Community Services Committee - 14 February 2005
8.Report of The Planning Development and Transport Committee Comprising: The Major Development Assessment Sub-Committee, The Development Assessment Sub-Committee and The Planning Policy Sub-Committee - 14 February 2005
Reports to Council
9.Parking Meters – Proposed Pricing and Operational Changes
10.Living Colour - Floral Displays: Continuation of Program
11.Development Application: Former Sydney Eye Hospital Site - 60-72 Sir John Young Crescent, Woolloomooloo
12.City of Sydney Signage And Advertising Structures Development Control Plan 2005 – Report on Submissions
13.Draft South Sydney Local Environmental Plan 1998 - Amendment No. 9: Report on Submissions
14.Investments held by Council as at 31 December 2004 and 31 January 2005
15.Questions on Notice
Notices of Motion
16.Notices of Motion


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