City of Sydney

Finance, Properties & Tenders Committee Meeting 17 October 2005


17 October 2005
4pm, Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall

1.Disclosures of Interest
2.Road Closure and Transfer - Sydney Gate
3.Sydney Town Hall – Technical Services Upgrade
4.Annual Financial Reports
5.Investments as at 30 September 2005
6.Lease for Level 19, Town Hall House
7.Season Extension – Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool
8.Land Classification - Water Police Site
9.CBD Streetscape Upgrade Program
10.Tender - Design Consultancy Services: Surry Hills Library, Neighbourhood and Child Care Facility and Project Brief for use
11.Tender - Design Consultancy Services for Redfern and Regent Streets Upgrade and Design Concept and Scope of Works
12.Tender - Surry Hills Park: Construction Works and Services