City of Sydney

Central Sydney Planning Committee Meeting 6 December 2007


Thursday 6 December 2007
Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall, at 7pm

1.Disclosures of Interest | PDF 44Kb
2.Confirmation of Minutes | PDF 43Kb
3.Matters arising from the Minutes | PDF 43Kb
4.Late Night Trading Premises Development Control Plan 2007 - Post Exhibition| PDF 145Kb
5.Draft Ecologically Sustainable Development Development Control Plan 2007 - Proposed Exhibition | PDF 91Kb
6.Development Application: 232-248 Pitt Street And 161-167 Castlereagh Street | PDF 620Kb
7.Development Application:  2 O'Connell Street; 4 O'Connell Street; 15-19 Bent Street; 1-7 Bligh Street; 9-13 Bligh Street - Sydney | PDF 1.70Mb
8.Development Application: 4-10 Campbell Street, Haymarket | PDF 1.37Mb
9.Development Application: 14-24 College Street - Darlinghurst | PDF 1.16Mb
10.Development Application: 61-79 Quay Street Haymarket | PDF 1.518Mb
11.Development Application: 296-298 Botany Road, Alexandria | PDF 1.24Mb
12.Development Application: Proposed Westfield Site - Centrepoint Imperial And Skygarden Arcades | PDF 1.85Mb
13.Summary Of Outstanding Applications To Be Reported To The Central Sydney Planning Committee And Summary Of The Special Permits Appeal Panel Decisions | PDF 62Kb
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