City of Sydney

Central Sydney Planning Committee Meeting 15 February 2007


Thursday 17 February 2007
Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall, at 7pm

1.Disclosures of Interest | PDF 12Kb
2.Confirmation of Minutes | PDF 12Kb
3.Matters arising from the Minutes | PDF 12Kb
Development Applications
4.Development Application: Goodsell Building - 8-12 Chifley Square, Sydney | PDF 1.6Mb
5.Development Application: 1- 19 Shelley Street, Sydney, Proposed Macquarie Bank Building Headquarters, "King Street Wharf | PDF 443Kb
General Business
6.Report Summarising determinations Delegated by the Central Sydney Planning Committee to The City of Sydney Council | PDF 16Kb
7.Summary of outstanding Applications to be reported to the Central Sydney Planning Committee | PDF 14Kb
8.Sub-Committees of The Central Sydney Planning Committee | PDF 16Kb
9.Proposed Schedule of Meetings and Briefings for 2007 | PDF 15Kb
10.Other General Business