City of Sydney

Finance, Properties and Tenders Committee Meeting Monday 18 June 2007


Monday 18 June 2007
Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall

1.Disclosures of Interest | PDF 12Kb
2.Investments held as at 31 May 2007 | PDF 17Kb
3.Adoption of Corporate Plan 2008-2011 including 2007/08 Budgets | PDF 34Kb
4.Staff Pay Arrangements | PDF 17Kb
5.Consideration of Wards | PDF 58Kb
6.History Publication Sponsorship Program - request for support for biography of Charles O'Neill | PDF 19Kb
7.Sponsorship - Bicycle NSW Spring Cycle | PDF 20Kb
8.Small Business Sustainability Program | PDF 24Kb
9.Lease - Airspace over City Road Darlington for a footbridge adjoining 96-148 City Road | PDF 18Kb
10.Renwick Street Redfern - Proposed Road Closure and Sale | PDF 22Kb
11.SSROC Tender - Stationery and Toner Cartridges | PDF 19Kb
12.Tender - The Provision of Printing Services | PDF 20Kb
13.Tender – purchase, supply and delivery of one articulated wheel loader | PDF 168Kb
14.Tender - Public Domain weed eradication services | PDF 22Kb
15.Tender – Woolworths Building – Upgrade of Lift Services | PDF 21Kb
16.Tender - Turruwul Park Rosebery Upgrade Tree Supply | PDF ??Kb
17.Tender - CBD Streetscape Upgrade Stage 3B - Market Street | PDF 23Kb
18.Tender - Glebe Point Road Upgrade Construction | PDF 24Kb
19.Sydney Town Hall Upgrade - Phase 1 | PDF 27Kb
20.Sydney Town Hall - Engagement of Head Architect / Heritage Consultant for Upgrade | PDF 18Kb
21.Tender - Sydney Town Hall - Entry Lobby Dome | PDF 19Kb
Confidential Item Item 22 will be dealt with by the Finance, Properties and Tenders Committee while the meeting is closed to the public
22.Property Matters (Confidential)