City of Sydney

Sydney Traffic Committee Meeting 17 October 2007


Meeting Wednesday 17 October 2007
Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall at 2pm

1.Confirmation of Minutes of Meeting 2007/08 held on 19 September 2007 | PDF 12Kb
2.Bayswater Road Potts Point - Bus Zone | PDF 23Kb
3.Traffic Generating Development for 4-10 Campbell Street Haymarket | PDF 41Kb
4.Australian Hotel Annual Beer Festival – Temporary Road Closures | PDF 282Kb
5.Busk for the Wayside Chapel - Temporary Road Closure | PDF 226Kb
6.Reclaiming Easter Sunday March – Temporary Road Closures | PDF 40Kb
7.Sydney Festival First Night Event - Temporary Road Closures | PDF 669Kb
8.King Street City - Temporary Full Road Closure – Crane Operations | PDF 2Mb
9.Glebe Point Road Glebe - Proposed Works Zone | PDF 34Kb
10.Harris Street Ultimo – Request for Loading Zone | PDF 21Kb
11.Kent Street Sydney - Request for Temporary Road Closure | PDF 197Kb
12.Pitt Street Sydney - Proposed Works Zone | PDF 22Kb
13.Pitt Street Sydney - Request for Temporary Road Closure – Crane Operation | PDF 110Kb
14.Phillip Street Sydney - Works Zone | PDF 55Kb
15.Victoria Street Darlinghurst - Works Zone | PDF 25Kb
16.Wyndham Street Alexandria - Proposed Works Zone | PDF 54Kb
17.Arthur Street Glebe - Disabled Persons Parking | PDF 20Kb
18.Bond Street Sydney - Request for 5 Minutes Parking | PDF 20Kb
19.Castlereagh Street Sydney - Proposed Motor Bike Parking | PDF 33Kb
20.Chelsea Street Redfern - Request for Loading Zone | PDF 90Kb
21.Crick Avenue Darlinghurst - Loading Zone | PDF 21Kb
22.Dwyer Street Chippendale - Request for No Stopping | PDF 89Kb
23.Dwyer Street Chippendale - Request for Residents Parking | PDF 33Kb
24.George Street Redfern - Request for Disabled Parking | PDF 89Kb
25.Glebe Point Road Glebe - Request To Remove Peak Hour No Stopping Restrictions | PDF 50Kb
26.Henderson Lane Alexandria - Proposed No Parking | PDF 29Kb
27.Lenton Parade Waterloo - Parking for the Disabled | PDF 19Kb
28.Phelps Street Surry Hills - Request for Loading Zone | PDF 90Kb
29.Prospect Street Erskineville - Parking for the Disabled | PDF 19Kb
30.Riley Street Surry Hills - Request for Authorised Vehicle Zones | PDF 21Kb
31.Sydney Street Erskineville – for the Disabled | PDF 19Kb
32.Thurlow Street Redfern - Parking for the Disabled | PDF 89Kb
33.Campbell Street Surry Hills - Raised Pedestrian Crossing | PDF 89Kb
34.Hay Street Haymarket – Light Rail Priority Improvement - New Line Marking | PDF 40Kb
35.Details of Approved Street Events – 2007 | PDF 33Kb
36.Schedule of Conditions | PDF 77Kb