City of Sydney

Sydney Traffic Committee Meeting 19 September 2007


Meeting Wednesday 19 September 2007
Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall at 2pm

1.Confirmation of Minutes of Meeting 2007/07 held on 15 August 2007 | PDF 12Kb
2.Traffic Generating Development for 25 Arundel Street Glebe | PDF 912Kb
3.Traffic Generating Development for 4-6 York Street Sydney | PDF 246Kb
4.Chinese New Year Celebrations 2008 | PDF 20Kb
5.Going The Distance for Difference a Celebration of Diversity | PDF 211Kb
6.Glebe Street Fair 2007-Temporary Road Closures | PDF 227Kb
7.Jacksons Landing Christmas Event - Temporary Road Closure | PDF 14Kb
8.NSW Scottish Regiment Church Parade | PDF 46Kb
9.Reiby Place Festival | PDF 237Kb
10.Rocks Markets by Moonlight | PDF 1.3Mb
11.Sydney To The Gong Bike Ride | PDF 15Kb
12.Castlereagh Street And Market Street, Sydney - Request for Temporary Partial Road Closure | PDF 778Kb
13.Clarke Street Sydney - Request for Temporary Full Road Closure – Crane Operation | PDF 256Kb
14.George Street Sydney - Request for Temporary Full Road Closure – Crane Operation | PDF 596Kb
15.Grose Street Glebe - Temporary Full Road Closure | PDF 191Kb
16.Wolseley Grove Zetland - Request for Temporary Road Closure | PDF 299Kb
17.Gottenham Street Glebe - Request for Works Zone | PDF 21Kb
18.Kettle Lane Ultimo - Request for a Works Zone | PDF 20Kb
19.Roslyn Gardens Elizabeth Bay - Works Zone | PDF 21Kb
20.Sussex Street And Erskine Street Sydney - Works Zones | PDF 346Kb
21.Sussex Street Sydney - Works Zone | PDF 23Kb
22.Earl Street Potts Point - Works Zone | PDF 23?Kb
23.Wentworth Avenue Surry Hills - Request for Works Zone | PDF 38Kb
24.Wolseley Grove Zetland - Proposed Works Zone | PDF 558Kb
25.Raglan Street Waterloo - Childcare Centre Proposed 1/4P | PDF 28Kb
26.Allen Street Glebe - Request for Permit Parking | PDF 62Kb
27.Avenue Road Glebe- Introduction of Bus Zone | PDF 21Kb
28.Boyce Street Glebe | PDF 39Kb
29.Jamison Street Sydney - Request for Taxi Zone | PDF 25Kb
30.Kent Street Sydney - Request for Taxi Zone | PDF 20Kb
31.Morley Avenue Rosebery - Request for Period Parking | PDF 147Kb
32.Pyrmont Street Ultimo - Proposed Parking Restrictions | PDF 27Kb
33.Chapman Street Surry Hills Request for Disabled Parking | PDF 91Kb
34.Codrington Street Darlington Request for Disabled Parking | PDF 90Kb
35.Lawerence Street Alexandria – Request Removal of Disability Parking | PDF 26Kb
36.Mallett Street Camperdown Request for Disabled Parking | PDF 90Kb
37.Victoria Street Erskineville - Request for Motorcycle Parking | PDF 33Kb
38.Epsom Road and Link Road Zetland - Request to use Higher Weight Trucks | PDF 239Kb
39.No Stopping Taxi Excepted 1 Minute Limit Trial | PDF 14Kb
40.Jones Street Ultimo - Restricting Access Advertise Under Section 116 of The Roads Acts 1993 | PDF 169Kb
41.Details of Approved Street Events – 2007 | PDF 29Kb
42.Schedule of Conditions | PDF 77Kb