City of Sydney

Sydney Traffic Committee Meeting 19 December 2007


Meeting Wednesday 19 December 2007
Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall at 2pm

1.Confirmation of minutes of meeting 2007/11 held on 21 November 2007 | PDF 12Kb
2.Sydney Traffic Committee- list of meeting dates for 2008 | PDF 17Kb
3.Relocation of pedestrian crossing on Bridge Road Glebe - notice to the committee | PDF 412Kb
4.Gang Festival | PDF 144Kb
5.St Patricks Day Parade-2008 | PDF 36Kb
6.Uptown Festival 2008 | PDF 218Kb
7.Rocks Markets Road Closures | PDF 1.3Mb
8.Hill Street Surry Hills - Temporary Road Closure | PDF 187Kb
9.Saunders Street Pyrmont - Temporary Road Closure | PDF 187Kb
10.Clarence Street Sydney - Work Zone | PDF 24Kb
11.Earl Place Darlinghurst - Works Zone | PDF 24Kb
12.Kellett Way Potts Point - Works Zone | PDF 20Kb
13.Macquarie Street Sydney - Works Zone | PDF 22Kb
14.Nithsdale Street Sydney - Works Zone | PDF 22Kb
15.Arthur St Surry Hills - Permit Parking | PDF 90Kb
16.Ashmore Street Erskineville – Parking for the Disabled | PDF 21Kb
17.Bayswater Road Rushcutters Bay - 10 Minute Parking | PDF 22Kb
18.Bourke Street Darlinghurst - No Stopping | PDF 23b
19.Car Share On-Street Parking | PDF 381Kb
20.Cardigan Street Glebe - Proposed Parking for Disabled | PDF 20Kb
21.Castlereagh Street Sydney - Motorcycle Parking | PDF 21Kb
22.Codrington Street Darlington Motorcycle Parking | PDF 90Kb
23.Poplar Street Sydney - Request for Permit Parking | PDF 23Kb
24.Cumberland and Gloucester Streets The Rocks – Proposed Parking Changes | PDF 885Kb
25.Fig Street, Ultimo - Amendment to Period Parking | PDF 23Kb
26.Forbes Street Darlinghurst – Bus Parking | PDF 20Kb
27.Ithaca Road Elizabeth Bay – Submission of Parking Signposting Plan | PDF 279Kb
28.Kellett Way Potts Point - Loading Zone | PDF 21Kb
29.Lawrence Lane Alexandria - No Stopping | PDF 35Kb
30.Liverpool Street Darlinghurst - No Parking | PDF 30Kb
31.Macdonald Street Erskineville - No Stopping | PDF 30Kb
32.Mullins Street Sydney - Part Time Period Parking | PDF 22Kb
33.Queen Lane Beaconsfield - No Stopping | PDF 219Kb
34.Redfern Street Redfern - Mail Zone | PDF 90Kb
35.Regent Street Redfern - Motorcycle Parking | PDF 89Kb
36.Robertson Road – Unrestricted Parking | PDF 22Kb
37.Rutland Street Surry Hills - Motorcycle Parking | PDF 90Kb
38.South Dowling Street Darlinghurst - 15 Minute Parking | PDF 90Kb
39.Unnamed Lane Pyrmont - No Parking | PDF 122Kb
40.Bourke Road and Huntley Street Alexandria - Proposed Medians | PDF 513Kb
41.Bray Street Erskineville - Proposed Traffic Management and Parking | PDF 457Kb
42.Brougham Lane Potts Point – Submission of Public Domain and Parking Plan | PDF 176Kb
43.Concord Street Erskineville - Modification to Intersection at King Street | PDF 495Kb
44.Foley Street Darlinghurst – Proposed Shared Zone and Road Closures | PDF 734Kb
45.Darling Island Parking Management Study | PDF 750Kb
46.King Street Sydney – Footpath Upgrade and Contra Flow Cycle Way | PDF 679Kb
47.Lodge and Catherine Streets Forest Lodge - Kerb Extensions | PDF 25Kb
48.Powell Street Waterloo - 4.5-Tonne Load Limit | PDF 264Kb
49.Queen Street Beaconsfield - 4.5-Tonne Load Limit | PDF 322Kb
50.Wentworth Park Road Glebe – Traffic Management Plan | PDF 434Kb
51.George St and Hickson Road The Rocks - Extension to Traffic Management On Friday and Saturday Night | PDF 43Kb
52.Jones Street Ultimo – Road Closure | PDF 90Kb
53.Wigram Lane Glebe - Shared Zone | PDF ??Kb
54.Darlinghurst Road Darlinghurst - Jewish Museum Public Domain | PDF 150Kb
55.Details of Approved Street Events – 2007 | PDF 551Kb
56.Schedule of Conditions | PDF 12Kb