City of Sydney

Finance, Properties And Tenders Committee Monday 23 June 2008


Monday 23 June 2008
Council Chamber, Town Hall House, 456 Kent Street, Sydney

1.Disclosures of Interest | PDF 43Kb
2.Investments Held as at 31 May 2008 | PDF 58Kb
3.Adoption of Corporate Plan 2009-2012 Including 2008/09 Budgets | PDF 77Kb
4.Revised Investment Policy and Strategy for the Management of Council’s Surplus Funds | PDF 65Kb
5.Report on Participation in NSW Government's Mission to China in May 2008 | PDF 61Kb
6.Proposed naming of part of Hickson Road, Millers Point/ Barangaroo as "The Hungry Mile" | PDF 58Kb
7.Sydney Town Hall - Phase 1 Essential Services Upgrade - May 2008 Report | PDF 65Kb
8.Tender – Purchase and Supply of One Laneway Sweeper | PDF 59Kb
9.Tender - Water Police Site - New Kiosk, Amenities and Shade Structures | PDF 64Kb
10.Tender - Supply of 100% Greenpower | PDF 87Kb
Confidential Items Items 11 and 12 will be dealt with by the Finance,  Properties and Tenders Committee while the meeting is closed to the public
11.Property Matter 1 (Confidential)
12.Property Matter 2 (Confidential)