City of Sydney

Council Meeting 1 September 2008


Monday 4 August 2008
Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall at 5pm

1.Confirmation of Minutes | PDF 41Kb
2.Disclosures of Interest | PDF 42Kb
3.Minutes by the Lord Mayor | PDF 43Kb
4.Memoranda by the Chief Executive Officer
5.Question Time | PDF 43Kb
6.Matters for Tabling | PDF 43Kb
7.Report Of The Finance, Properties And Tenders Committee - 25 August 2008 | PDF 56Kb
8.Report Of The Environment And Heritage Committee - 25 August 2008 | PDF 72Kb
9.Report Of The Cultural And Community Services Committee - 25 August 2008 | PDF 57Kb
10.Report Of The Planning Development And Transport Committee - 25 August 2008 | PDF 72Kb
11.Report On Participation In The International Mayors' Forum On Tourism - Zhengzhou China - April 2008 | PDF 52Kb
12.Report On Participation In The 38th Annual San Francisco Lgbt Pride Celebration – June 2008 | PDF 53Kb
13.Questions On Notice | PDF 38Kb
14.Supplementary Answers To Previous Questions | PDF 63Kb
15.Notices Of Motion | PDF 51Kb