City of Sydney

Sydney Traffic Committee Meeting 15 October 2008


Meeting Wednesday 15 October 2008
Council Chamber, Town Hall House,
456 Kent Street, Sydney, at 2pm

1.Confirmation of Minutes of Meeting 2008/07 held on 20 August 2008 | PDF 12Kb
2.Blackwattle Lane Ultimo - No Entry Sign | PDF 345Kb
3.Cook Street Glebe - Car Share | PDF 18Kb
4.Derby Place Glebe - Car Share | PDF 23Kb
5.Foster Street Surry Hills - Temporary Road Closure - Filming | PDF 567Kb
6.Holt Street Surry Hills - Car Share | PDF 52Kb
7.Lombard Street Glebe - Car Share | PDF 18Kb
8.Mary Street Surry Hills - Car Share | PDF 18Kb
9.Mount Vernon Street Glebe - Proposed Car Share Allocation | PDF 19Kb
10.Quay Street Ultimo - Car Share | PDF 10Kb
11.St Johns Road Glebe - Car Share | PDF 18Kb
12.Little Riley Street Surry Hills - Temporary Road Closure | PDF 203Kb
13.Traffic Generating Development - Green Square Town Centre Infrastructure DA | PDF 412Kb
14.Bike Love Street Parade | PDF 357Kb
15.Curtin Place and Hamilton Street CBD – Temporary Road Closure 2008 | PDF 113Kb
16.Erskineville-City of Sydney Council Arts and About Festival In October 2008 | PDF 278Kb
17.Glebe Street Fair -Temporary Road Closures | PDF 199Kb
18.NSW Scottish Regiment Church Parade | PDF 45Kb
19.Reclaiming Easter Sunday March – Temporary Road Closures | PDF 43Kb
20.Reiby Place Festival | PDF 261Kb
21.Sydney To The Gong Bike Ride | PDF 15Kb
22.Kent Street Sydney - Request for Temporary Road Closure | PDF 290Kb
23.Pitt Street Sydney - Temporary Road Closure | PDF 292Kb
24.Roslyn Street Kings Cross - Temporary Road Closure | PDF 243Kb
25.Cumberland Street The Rocks - Temporary Road Closure | PDF 403Kb
26.Bligh Street Sydney - Works Zone | PDF 22Kb
27.Bligh Street Sydney - Works Zone | PDF 20Kb
28.Burton Street Darlinghurst - Works Zone | PDF 21Kb
29.Crescent Street Waterloo - Works Zone | PDF 351Kb
30.Crewe Place Rosebery - Works Zone | PDF 29Kb
31.Kent Street Sydney - Works Zone | PDF 24?Kb
32.Kent Street Sydney – Works Zone | PDF 27Kb
33.O’Connell Street Sydney - Works Zone | PDF 23Kb
34.Phillip Street Sydney - Works Zone | PDF 21Kb
35.The Esplanade Elizabeth Bay – Works Zone | PDF 24Kb
36.Alexander St Surry Hills - Permit Parking | PDF 90Kb
37.Castlereagh Street Sydney - No Parking Bus Excepted and No Stopping | PDF 23Kb
38.Danks Street Waterloo - No Parking | PDF 167Kb
39.Earl Place Darlinghurst - Loading Zone | PDF 19Kb
40.Euston Road Alexandria - No Parking | PDF 853Kb
41.Eve Street Erskineville - New Road Signposting and Line Marking Plan | PDF 125Kb
42.Flinders Street Surry Hills Taxi Zone | PDF 88Kb
43.Forbes Street Woolloomooloo - Request for Reserved Parking | PDF 88Kb
44.Gowrie Street Newtown - Parking for The Disabled | PDF 200Kb
45.Harris Street Pyrmont - Motorcycle Parking | PDF 21Kb
46.Hickson Road Sydney - Advance Zig-Zag Pavement Markings | PDF 23Kb
47.King Street Sydney – Traffic and Parking Signposting and Roadmarking Plan | PDF 427Kb
48.Lime and Shelley Streets Sydney – Submission of Public Domain Plan | PDF 252Kb
49.CBD Motorbike and Scooter Parking | PDF 37Kb
50.New Road Rosebery - New Road Proposed Signage and Line Marking Plan | PDF 268Kb
51.Palmer Street East Sydney - Loading Zone | PDF 20Kb
52.Smail Street Ultimo - Bus Zone Relocation | PDF 26Kb
53.William Street Darlinghurst - Request for Motorcycle Parking | PDF 23Kb
54.York Street Sydney - Timed Parking | PDF 20Kb
55.Arundel Street Glebe – Cycleway and Parking Relocation | PDF 26Kb
56.New Road (Part of Storm Avenue) off Lachlan Street Waterloo - Proposed Traffic and Parking Controls | PDF 251Kb
57.Proposal To Change Parking Arrangements on Darling Island Road Pyrmont and Wharf Crescent Pyrmont | PDF 113Kb
58.St Marys Road Sydney - Ticket Parking and Raised Threshold | PDF 24Kb
59.Details of Approved Street Events | PDF 23Kb