City of Sydney

Sydney Traffic Committee Meeting 16 April 2008


Meeting Wednesday 16 April 2008
Council Chamber, Town Hall House,
456 Kent Street, Sydney, at 2pm

1.Confirmation of Minutes of Meeting 2008/02 held on 19 March 2008 | PDF 12Kb
2.Cumberland Street Sydney – Extension to Bus Zone | PDF 24Kb
3.Greenknowe Avenue Potts Point - Bus Zone | PDF 24Kb
4.Traffic Generating Development - 6 Defries Avenue Zetland | PDF 15Kb
5.Traffic Generating Development – Section 96 Application O'Dea Avenue and South Dowling Street Zetland | PDF 16Kb
6.Traffic Generating Development – Elizabeth Street, Kettle Street and Walker Street Redfern | PDF 594Kb
7.Captain Cook Hotel - Anzac Day Activities | PDF 14Kb
8.Rosary for World Peace Procession | PDF 42Kb
9.World Falun Dafa Grand Parade | PDF 27Kb
10.Hunter Street Sydney - Temporary Road Closure | PDF 25Kb
11.Wellington Street Chippendale - Temporary Road Closure | PDF 23Kb
12.Eddy Avenue Central - Temporary Full Road Closure | PDF 2Mb
13.Lyndhurst Street Glebe - Temporary Road Closure - Filming | PDF 381Kb
14.Mullins Street Sydney - Temporary Road Closure | PDF 398Kb
15.Newton Street Alexandria - Temporary Road Closure | PDF 258Kb
16.Sussex Street Haymarket – Temporary Road Clsoure | PDF 26Kb
17.Bourke Street Waterloo - Works Zone | PDF 526Kb
18.George Street Waterloo - Works Zone | PDF 23Kb
19.Gowrie Street Newtown - Works Zone | PDF 89Kb
20.Harrington Street Sydney – Works Zone | PDF 25Kb
21.Hay Street Haymarket - Work Zone Request | PDF 20Kb
22.Hunter Street Sydney –Works Zone Extension | PDF 20Kb
23.Kellett Way Potts Point - Works Zone Relocation | PDF 21?Kb
24.Billyard Avenue Elizabeth Bay - Works Zone | PDF 22Kb
25.Elizabeth Bay Crescent Elizabeth Bay - Works Zone | PDF 22Kb
26.Onslow Avenue Elizabeth Bay - Works Zone | PDF 25Kb
27.Car Share Parking Spaces | PDF 15Kb
28.Baptist Street Redfern- Parking for The Disabled | PDF 89Kb
29.Chalmers Street Redfern - Police Parking | PDF 90Kb
30.Clarence Street Sydney - Timed Bus Parking | PDF 27Kb
31.Dargan Lane Glebe - No Stopping and No Parking | PDF 19Kb
32.Devonshire Street Surry Hills - Loading Zone | PDF 89Kb
33.Devonshire Street Surry Hills – Bus Zone and No Stopping | PDF 20Kb
34.Ethel Street Erskineville – 90 Angle Parking | PDF 38Kb
35.Lawson Street Redfern - Police Parking | PDF 99Kb
36.Newton Street Alexandria – Parking for The Disabled | PDF 27Kb
37.Nithsdale Lane Surry Hills - Motorcycle Parking | PDF 20Kb
38.Pitt Street Sydney - Motorcycle Parking | PDF 19Kb
39.Redfern Street Redfern - Authorised Vehicle Reserve | PDF 88Kb
40.Slip Street Sydney - Parking Review | PDF 20Kb
41.St James Lane Glebe - No Stopping | PDF 20Kb
42.Billyard Avenue Elizabeth Bay - No Stopping | PDF 23Kb
43.Victoria Street Darlinghurst – Motorcycle Parking | PDF 23?Kb
44.City East Local Area Traffic Management Scheme Review | PDF 2.4Mb
45.Euston Roads Alexandria - New Traffic Lights | PDF 1.7Mb
46.Nithsdale Lane Surry Hills - One Way Traffic Flow | PDF 20Kb
47.Rosebud Lane - Iona Lane - Verona Street Paddington - Shared Zones | PDF 29Kb
48.Tilford Street Zetland - Proposed 45 Degree Angle Parking | PDF 245Kb
49.Darlinghurst Road Darlinghurst – NSW Jewish War Memorial Public Domain Proposal | PDF 448Kb
50.Details of Approved Street Events | PDF 21?Kb