City of Sydney

Sydney Traffic Committee Meeting 19 March


Meeting Wednesday 19 March 2008
Council Chamber, Town Hall House,
456 Kent Street, Sydney, at 2pm

1.Confirmation of Minutes of Meeting 2008/01 Held on 20 February 2008 | PDF 12Kb
2.Erskine Street Sydney - Works Zone | PDF 49Kb
3.Danks Street Festival – Annual Event | PDF 25Kb
4.City Night Markets | PDF 25Kb
5.Primo Italian Festival | PDF 28Kb
6.Procession of The Blessed Sacrament | PDF 40Kb
7.Sydney Christmas Parade 2008 | PDF 37Kb
8.The Rocks Aroma Coffee Festival | PDF 768Kb
9.Ash Street and Angel Place Sydney - Request for Temporary Road Closure | PDF 281Kb
10.Roslyn Street Kings Cross - Request for Temporary Road Closure | PDF 225Kb
11.Roslyn Street Kings Cross - Request for Temporary Road Closure | PDF 201Kb
12.Short Place Surry Hills - Request for Temporary Road Closure | PDF 114Kb
13.Gloucester Street, The Rocks | PDF 89Kb
14.King Street Sydney - Temporary Full Road Closure | PDF 308Kb
15.Arthur St Surry Hills - Works Zone | PDF 89Kb
16.Elizabeth Street Sydney - Works Zone | PDF 22Kb
17.O’Connell Street Sydney – Works Zone | PDF 23?Kb
18.Springfield Avenue Potts Point - Works Zone | PDF 21Kb
19.Sussex Street Haymarket - Works Zone | PDF 23Kb
20.Wyndham Street Alexandria - Extension of Works Zone | PDF 24Kb
21.Bathurst Street Sydney - Bus Zone | PDF 394Kb
22.Calder Street Redfern - Disabled Parking | PDF 89Kb
23.Cope Street Alexandria – Motorcycle Parking | PDF 270Kb
24.Darghan Lane Glebe - Removal Parking for The Disabled | PDF 21Kb
25.Darling Island Road Pyrmont - No Parking | PDF 21?Kb
26.Egan Place Woolloomooloo - No Stopping | PDF 20Kb
27.Elger Street And Stirling Street Glebe - Permit Parking | PDF 25Kb
28.King Street Newtown - Meter Parking | PDF 173Kb
29.Lawrence Street Alexandria - Motorcycle Parking | PDF 25Kb
30.Riley Street Surry Hills - Permit Parking | PDF 88Kb
31.Sussex And Erskine Streets, Sydney – Public Domain Plan | PDF 305Kb
32.Various Street Sydney - Ticket Parking to Meter Parking | PDF 432Kb
33.William Street Redfern- Disabled Parking | PDF 89Kb
34.Wyndham Street Alexandria - Extension of Hours of Restrictions for Resident Permit Parking | PDF 21Kb
35.York Street Sydney - Change of Parking Restrictions | PDF 395Kb
36.Charles Street Redfern - Shared Zone | PDF 77Kb
37.Earl Street And Earl Place Kings Cross – Shared Zone and Footpath Widening | PDF 62Kb
38.King Street Sydney – Proposed Contra Flow Cycle Lane | PDF 676Kb
39.Warrenball Avenue Newtown - Shared Zone | PDF 155Kb
40.Details of Approved Street Events – 2007 | PDF 20Kb