City of Sydney

Sydney Traffic Committee Meeting 20 February 2008


Meeting Wednesday 20 February 2008
Council Chamber, Town Hall House,
456 Kent Street, Sydney, at 2pm

1.Confirmation of Minutes of Meeting 2007/11 held on 19 December 2007 | PDF 14Kb
2.Structure and Operation of The Sydney Traffic Committee | PDF 15Kb
3.Broadway - Installation of Pedestrian Fence - Notice to Committee | PDF 344Kb
4.Marlborough Lane Glebe - Notice to The Committee | PDF 15Kb
5.Traffic Generating Development - 6 Defries Avenue Zetland | PDF 263Kb
6.Traffic Generating Development - Section 96 Application O'Dea Avenue and South Dowling Street Zetland | PDF 543Kb
7.Traffic Generating Development for 5-11 Pyrmont Bridge Road Camperdown | PDF 299Kb
8.Chippendale LATM Draft Scheme Report – February 2008 | PDF 64Kb
9.Bicycle NSW Spring Cycle 2008 | PDF 16Kb
10.Anzac Day Parade 2008 | PDF 106Kb
11.Australian Air League Annual Ceremonial Parade | PDF 45Kb
12.Greek Independence Day Celebrations | PDF 45Kb
13.Premier's Seniors Week Gala Concert 2008 | PDF 248Kb
14.Reclaiming Easter March 2008 | PDF 45Kb
15.Reserve Forces Day Parade | PDF 42Kb
16.The Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon 2008 | PDF 16Kb
17.Grantham Street Potts Point - Temporary Road Closure – Mobile Crane | PDF 174Kb
18.Pitt Street Sydney - Temporary Road Closure – Mobile Crane | PDF 254Kb
19.Castlereagh Street Sydney - Works Zone | PDF 21Kb
20.Clare Street Surry Hills - Works Zone | PDF 89Kb
21.George Street Sydney - Works Zone | PDF 20Kb
22.Grantham Street Potts Point - Works Zone | PDF 21Kb
23.Bowman Street Pyrmont - Works Zone | PDF 23Kb
24.Macquarie Street - Works Zone | PDF 23Kb
25.Marsden Street Camperdown - Works Zone | PDF 90Kb
26.Missenden Road Camperdown - Works Zone | PDF 258Kb
27.Short Street Surry Hills - Works Zone | PDF 89Kb
28.Belmont Street Alexandria - Motorcycle Parking | PDF 19Kb
29.Boundary Street Darlinghurst –Parking for Disabled | PDF 20Kb
30.Bourke Street Surry Hills - Authorised Vehicle Reserve | PDF 90Kb
31.Bourke Road Alexandria - Proposed Bus Zone No Parking and No Stopping | PDF 115Kb
32.Burrows Road St Peters - No Stopping | PDF 31Kb
33.Car Share on-Street Parking | PDF 103Kb
34.Castlereagh Street Haymarket - Parking for Disabled | PDF 21Kb
35.Chelsea Street Redfern – Parking for Disabled | PDF 89Kb
36.Clarence Street City - Trial No Stopping Restriction | PDF 23Kb
37.Conservatorium Road Sydney - 15 Minute Parking | PDF 70Kb
38.Crick Avenue Elizabeth Bay – Extend Operating Times of Loading Zone | PDF 19Kb
39.Crown Street Darlinghurst - Motorcycle Parking | PDF 24Kb
40.Crown Street Darlinghurst – Permit Parking | PDF 26Kb
41.Dalley Lane Redfern – Parking for Disabled | PDF 89Kb
42.Derwent Street Glebe – Removal of Parking for Disabled | PDF 20Kb
43.Foss Street Forest Lodge – Parking for Disabled | PDF 22Kb
44.Garden Street Alexandria - Proposed 1/4p, 1p and Mobility Parking | PDF 243Kb
45.George Street Redfern – Adjustment of Parking Restrictions | PDF 182Kb
46.George Street Redfern - Motor Cycle Parking | PDF 88Kb
47.Hickson Road Dawes Point – ½ P Parking | PDF 25Kb
48.Huntley Street Alexandria - Proposed Bus Zones No Stopping and | PDF 32Kb
49.Jones Bay Road Pyrmont - Pedestrian Crossing Zig-Zag Advance Pavement Markings | PDF 20Kb
50.Kellick Street Waterloo - Proposed No Parking School Bus Excepted | PDF 38Kb
51.Layton Street Camperdown – Motorcycle Parking | PDF 21Kb
52.Maddox Street Alexandria - Bus Zone and No Parking | PDF 30Kb
53.Missenden Road Camperdown – Reduction of Bus Zone | PDF 260Kb
54.Mount Street Pyrmont – No Entry and Give Way Signs | PDF 59Kb
55.Pitt Street Sydney - Motorcycle Parking | PDF 22Kb
56.Pyrmont Street Ultimo - No Parking | PDF 20Kb
57.Rosebank Street Glebe - Permit Parking | PDF 21Kb
58.South Dowling Street Darlinghurst - Parking Restrictions | PDF 15Kb
59.Wattle Street Ultimo - Motorcycle Parking | PDF 22Kb
60.Wigram Road Glebe – Motorcycles Parking | PDF 20Kb
61.Allen Street Ultimo - Change to Traffic Lane Arrangements | PDF 26Kb
62.Balfour Street Chippendale - Road Closure | PDF 24Kb
63.Beaconsfield Street Beaconsfield - Proposed Slow-Way Treatment | PDF 31Kb
64.Ethel Street Erskineville - Shared Zone | PDF 179Kb
65.West Avenue Darlinghurst - Shared Zone | PDF 80Kb
66.Young Street Waterloo - Line Markings Between McEvoy Street and Phillip Street. | PDF 36Kb
67.Schedule of Conditions | PDF 12Kb