City of Sydney

Sydney Traffic Committee Meeting 21 May 2008


Meeting Wednesday 21 May 2008
Council Chamber, Town Hall House,
456 Kent Street, Sydney, at 2pm

1.Confirmation of Minutes of Meeting 2008/03 held on 16 April 20082008 | PDF 12Kb
2.MS Harbourside Walk and Fun Run | PDF 864Kb
3.Hillsong Church Christmas Festival 2008 | PDF 15Kb
4.Bent Street Sydney - Temporary Road Closure- Mobile Crane | PDF 208Kb
5.Bowman Street Pyrmont - Temporary Road Closure – Mobile Crane | PDF 275Kb
6.Little Riley Street Surry Hills - Temporary Road Closure| PDF 93Kb
7.Macleay Street Potts Point - Temporary Road Closure – Mobile Crane | PDF 512Kb
8.Kimber Lane Haymarket - Temporary Road Closure | PDF 349Kb
9.Market Street and Castlereagh Street Sydney - Temporary Road Closures – Mobile Crane | PDF 489Kb
10.Cumberland Street The Rocks - Works Zone | PDF 22Kb
11.Clarence Street Sydney - Works Zone | PDF 20Kb
12.Elizabeth and Phillip Streets Sydney - Works Zones | PDF 22Kb
13.Hay Street Haymarket - Work Zone | PDF 21Kb
14.Hill Street Surry Hills  - Works Zone | PDF 90Kb
15.Kent Street Sydney – Works Zone | PDF 28Kb
16.Langley Street Darlinghurst - Works Zone | PDF 20Kb
17.Little Hay Street Haymarket - Work Zone | PDF 30Kb
18.Macleay Street Potts Point - Works Zone | PDF 22Kb
19.Market Street Sydney - Works Zone | PDF 47Kb
20.Septimus Street Erskineville - Works Zone | PDF 24Kb
21.Lawrence Lane Alexandria – No Parking | PDF 28Kb
22.Alfred Road Forest Lodge – No Parking | PDF 22Kb
23.Arundel Street Forrest Lodge – Extend P15 Minute Operating Times | PDF 20Kb
24.Bell Lane Glebe - No Parking | PDF 20Kb
25.Car Share Parking Space | PDF 15Kb
26.Crown Street Darlinghurst - Parking Changes | PDF 26Kb
27.Crown St Surry Hills  -  Authorised Vehicle Reserve | PDF 89Kb
28.Dadley Street Alexandria – Permit Parking | PDF 208Kb
29.Dargan Lane Glebe - No Parking | PDF 19Kb
30.Fitzroy Street Surry Hills – Motor Bike Parking | PDF 201Kb
31.George Street Redfern - Permit Parking | PDF 88Kb
32.Hickson Road Sydney - Parking Changes | PDF 30Kb
33.Junction Street Glebe - Permit Parking | PDF 25Kb
34.Kent Street Sydney - Period Parking Time Change | PDF 20Kb
35.Kettle Street Redfern – Parking For The Disabled | PDF 88Kb
36.Lower Fort Street Millers Point – Permit Parking | PDF 23Kb
37.Mary Street Glebe - No Parking | PDF 40Kb
38.Onslow Avenue Elizabeth  Bay – Permit Parking | PDF 25Kb
39.Parramatta Road Camperdown - Bus Zone | PDF 91Kb
40.Pitt Street Redfern - Authorised Parking | PDF 89Kb
41.Pitt Street Waterloo - Parking for Street Team | PDF 20Kb
42.Pyrmont Street Pyrmont - Motorcycle Parking | PDF 35Kb
43.Randle Lane Surry Hills - No Parking | PDF 19Kb
44.Renwick Street Redfern - Loading Zone | PDF 89Kb
45.St Johns Road Glebe – Parking For The Disabled | PDF 21Kb
46.Sussex Street Sydney - Motorbike Parking | PDF 20Kb
47.Swanson Street  Erskineville – Drop - Off And Pick - Up Zone | PDF 26Kb
48.Upper Road Forrest Lodge - No Parking | PDF 51Kb
49.Whitehorse Street Newtown - Permit Parkingl | PDF 89Kb
50.George and Cunningham Streets Haymarket - Traffic Management for Development | PDF 1.46Mb
51.Harbour Street Sydney - Darling Walk Redevelopment Traffic Management Plan | PDF 423Kb
52.Junction Street Glebe - Kerbside Island| PDF 177Kb
53.Newton Street Alexandria - Shared Zone | PDF 197Kb
54.Portman Street Zetland - Line Markings | PDF 28Kb
55.Powell Street Waterloo - Line Marking | PDF 290Kb
56.St Johns Road Glebe - Kerb Extensions| PDF 23Kb
57.Darlinghurst Road Darlinghurst - Jewish Memorial Public Domain | PDF 30Kb
58.Details of Approved Street Events | PDF 29Kb
59.Schedule of Conditions | PDF 125Kb