City of Sydney

Corporate, Finance, Properties & Tenders Committee Monday 16 November 2009


Monday 16 November 2009
Council Chamber, Town Hall House, 456 Kent Street, Sydney

1.Disclosures of Interest | PDF 48Kb
2.2009/10 Quarter 1 Review Corporate Plan 2010-2013 | PDF 95Kb
3.Investments Held By Council As At 31 October 2009 | PDF 58Kb
4.Naming Proposal - Water Police Site/Park | PDF 64Kb
5.Tender Purchase And Delivery Of Two Large Capacity Road Sweeping Machines | PDF 62Kb
6.Tender Purchase And Delivery Of Two Footway Sweeping Machines | PDF 63Kb
7.Tender Provision Of Media Monitoring And Distribution Services | PDF 79Kb
8.Tender Goulburn Street Parking Station - BCA Upgrade | PDF 77Kb
9.Tender Waterloo Oval Youth Facility Upgrade | PDF 70Kb
10.Tender Supply Of Stone Pavers And Kerbs | PDF 70Kb
11.Tender - Maintenance of Vertical Transport - Lifts and Escalators | PDF 63Kb
Items 12 To 16 Will Be Dealt With By The Corporate, Finance, Properties And Tenders Committee While The Meeting Is Closed To The Public .
12.Property Matter 1 (Confidential)
13.Property Matter 2 (Confidential)
14.Property Matter 3 (Confidential)
15.Property Matter 4 (Confidential)
16.Property Matter 5 (Confidential)