City of Sydney

Corporate, Finance, Properties & Tenders Committee Monday 30 March 2009


Monday 30 March 2009
Council Chamber, Town Hall House, 456 Kent Street, Sydney

1.Disclosures of Interest | PDF 48Kb
2.Delegations Of Authority To The Lord Mayor And The Chief Executive Officer | PDF 73Kb
3.Sydney Town Hall - Phase 1 Essential Services Upgrade February 2009 Report | PDF 68Kb
4.Construction Of The Council Depot At 115-151 Dunning Avenue Rosebery | PDF 68Kb
5.The Cool Hunter - Proposal For The Use Of Hyde Park For Treelife | PDF67Kb
6.City Management Of Tourism Information Kiosks | PDF 63Kb
7.Code Of Conduct - Conduct Review Committee | PDF 60Kb
8.Gehl Architects - Approval To Negotiate Three Year Consultancy Engagement | PDF 73Kb
9.Engagement Of Allan Jones | PDF 56Kb
10.Senior Staff Position To Advance Delivery Of Green Infrastructure | PDF 64Kb
11.Consultant Appointment - Town Hall Square Project Director

No report will be circulated

12.Tender Integrated Corporate Asset Management System | PDF 69Kb
13.Tender Provision Of Courier And Mail Delivery Services | PDF 61Kb
14.Tender - Chippendale Pedestrian Cycling And Traffic Calming (Pctc) Project - Buckland, Myrtle And Meagher Streets Upgrade | PDF 80Kb
Confidential Items
Items 15 And 16 Will Be Dealt With By The Corporate, Finance, Properties And Tenders Committee While The Meeting Is Closed To The Public
15.Property Matter 1 (Confidential)
16.Property Matter 2 (Confidential)