City of Sydney

Council Meeting 16 March 2009


Monday 16 March 2009
Council Chamber, Town Hall House at 5pm

1.Confirmation of Minutes | PDF 41Kb
2.Disclosures of Interest | PDF 69Kb
3.Minutes by the Lord Mayor | PDF 43Kb
4.Memoranda by the Chief Executive Officer | PDF 43Kb
5.Question Time | PDF 42Kb
6.Matters for Tabling | PDF43Kb
7.Report of The Corporate, Finance, Properties and Tenders Committee - 9 March 2009 | PDF 71Kb
  • 7.1 Disclosures Of Interest
  • 7.2 Investments Held As At 28 February 2009
  • 7.3Revised Investment Policy And Strategy For The Management Of Councils Surplus Funds
  • 7.4Audit Risk And Compliance Committee Charter - Adoption
  • 7.5Model Code Of Conduct
  • 7.6Acceptance Of Cash Transfer From South Sydney Youth Services
  • 7.7Sydney Festival Use Of Hyde Park And Request For Triennial Sponsorship For First Night
  • 7.8Tender - Development And Implementation Of An Occupational Health And Safety System
  • 7.9Tender Provision Of External Audit Services
  • 7.10Tender - Graffiti Removal Services
8.Report Of The Environment And Heritage Committee - 9 March 2009| PDF 59Kb
  • 8.1Disclosures Of Interest
  • 8.2 C40 Large Cities Climate Change Summit Seoul 2009
  • 8.3 Charles Kernan Reserve Community Consultation And Concept Design Plan
9.Report Of The Planning Development And Transport Committee - 9 March 2009 | PDF 85Kb
  • 9.1 Disclosures Of Interest
  • 9.2Green Square Transport Management And Accessibility Plan TMAP
  • 9.3Affordable Housing Levy In City Plan
  • 9.4Affordable Housing Planning Provisions In City Plan Capturing Betterment As A Result Of Upzoning
  • 9.5General Business
  • 9.6 Development Application: 2 Macleay Street Potts Point Jenner House
  • 9.7Development Application: 35-39 Ultimo Road Haymarket
10.Questions On Notice | PDF 56Kb
11.Supplementary Answers to Previous Questions | PDF 88Kb
12.Notices of Motion | PDF 44Kb