City of Sydney

Corporate, Finance, Properties and Tenders Committee Meeting Monday 8 November 2010


Monday 8 November 2010,
Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall.
At 1.00pm.

1.Disclosures of Interest | PDF 47Kb
2.2010/11 Quarter 1 Review - Corporate Plan 2011-2014 | PDF 85Kb
3.Public Presentation Of The 2009/10 Financial Statements And Auditor’s Reports | PDF 58Kb
4.Investments Held As At 31 October 2010 | PDF 59Kb
5.Access To Information Policy | PDF 58Kb
6.Proposed Road Transfer Shelley Street Between Waterways Authority (Trading as NSW Maritime) and The City Of Sydney | PDF 67Kb
7.Land Classification – 343 George Street Sydney | PDF 67Kb
8.Victoria Park Pool Operations | PDF 85Kb
9.Tender - Replacement Of Personal Digital Assistants | PDF 62Kb
10.Tender – Collection Of Inventory And Condition Data For Road Pavements, Footpaths, Kerbs And Gutters | PDF 62Kb
11.Tender - Community Sharps Bins Management Project | PDF 80Kb
12.Tender - Selection Supply And Shelf Ready Processing Of Library Materials | PDF 65Kb
13.Tender - Manufacture And Installation Of Park Signage | PDF 60Kb
14.Tender – Chinatown Tourist Information Kiosk | PDF 65Kb

Memos Relevant To Items on the Council Agenda

7.0Memo Relevant To Item 7 | PDF 60 Kb
8.0Memo Relevant To Item 8 | PDF 85 Kb
Item 8 Attachment A | PDF 1 Mb