City of Sydney

Sydney Traffic Committee Meeting 15 December 2010


Meeting Wednesday 15 December 2010
Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall,
at 2pm

1.Apologies | PDF 33Kb
2.Confirmation of Minutes of Meeting 2010/10 Held On 17 November 2010 | PDF 37Kb
3.Item For Committee Information - Temporary Road Closures - Earl Street Potts Point | PDF 98Kb
4.Item For Committee Information - Temporary Road Closures - Macarthur Street Ultimo | PDF 402Kb
5.Street Events - Chinatown Night Markets - Christmas Day | PDF 85Kb
6.Street Events Temporary Road Closure George Street The Rocks | PDF 346Kb
7.Street Events Annual Sydney New Years Eve 2010 | PDF 181Kb
8.Street Events - Wayside Chapel Christmas Day Street Party | PDF 245Kb
9.Street Events - Oz Day Wheel Chair Race | PDF 648Kb
10.Street Events - Ultimo Pyrmont Uptown Festival 2011 | PDF 222Kb
11.Street Events - NRMA Motorfest | PDF 3.5Mb
12.Street Events - 2011 Mardi Gras Parade | PDF 906Kb
13.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures - Pyrmont Street Quarry Street and Murray Street - Pyrmont and Ultimo | PDF 193Kb
14.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures - Little Surrey Street Darlinghurst | PDF 318Kb
15.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures - Devonshire Street Surry Hills | PDF 577Kb
16.Roadworks - Temporary Road Closures - Railway Lane Newtown | PDF 68Kb
17.Temporary Closure - Barrack Street Between George Street and York Street Sydney | PDF 84Kb
18.Works Zone - O'Connell Street Sydney | PDF 99Kb
19.Works Zone - Bowman Street Pyrmont | PDF 99Kb
20.Works Zone - Goderich Lane Potts Point | PDF 124Kb
21.Works Zone - Elizabeth Street Sydney | PDF 117Kb
22.Works Zone - Castlereagh Street Sydney | PDF 120Kb
23.Works Zone - Hunter Street Sydney | PDF 97Kb
24.Works Zone - Allen Street Waterloo | PDF 79Kb
25.Works Zone - Crown Street Surry Hills | PDF 70Kb
26.Works Zone - Joynton Avenue Zetland | PDF 97Kb
27.Works Zone - Ralph Street Alexandria | PDF 90Kb
28.Works Zone - Walker Street and Redfern Street Redfern | PDF 75Kb
29.Parking Ticket and Permit Parking - Glebe Point Road Glebe | PDF 112Kb
30.Parking - Loading Zone and 2P Ticket Permit Holders - Glebe Point Road Glebe | PDF 117Kb
31.Parking Remove Night Time No Stopping Hickson Road Sydney | PDF 117Kb
32.Parking - Loading Zone - Lodge Street Forest Lodge | PDF 113Kb
33.Parking Bus Zones Macleay Street Potts Point | PDF 70Kb
34.Parking Permit Parking - Mitchell Street Glebe | PDF 111Kb
35.Parking Permit Parking - Glebe Point Road Glebe | PDF 113Kb
36.Parking - Motorbike Cowper Wharf Roadway Woolloomooloo | PDF 159Kb
37.Parking - Resident Parking Scheme Bourke Street Darlinghurst | PDF 298Kb
38.Parking Kent Street Cycleway Between Druitt Street and Gas Lane Sydney | PDF 4.5Mb
39.Parking - Permit Parking - Chelsea Street Redferns | PDF 66Kb
41.Parking - Permit Parking - James Street Redfern | PDF 66Kb
42.Car Share - Yurong Street Darlinghurst | PDF 132Kb
43.Car Share - Palmer Street Darlinghurst | PDF 109Kb
44.Car Share - Stanley Street Darlinghurst | PDF 110Kb
45.Car Share - Edward Street Pyrmont | PDF 110Kb
46.Car Share - Commonwealth Street Surry Hills | PDF 67Kb
47.Car Share - Fitzroy Street Surry Hills | PDF 78Kb
48.Car Share - Miles Street Surry Hills | PDF 147Kb
49Car Share - Miles Street Surry Hills | PDF 153Kb
50.Car Share Collins Street Surry Hills | PDF 145Kb
51.Car Share - Burton Street Darlinghurst | PDF 150Kb
52.Parking - Motorbike - Ferry Road Glebe | PDF 94Kb
53.Pay Parking - Pay Parking Liverpool Street | PDF 140Kb
54.Pay Parking - Pay Parking and Motorcycle Restriction Changes | PDF 2Mb
55.Traffic Treatment Cycleways - Glebe Point Road Glebe | PDF 1.4Mb
56.Traffic Treatment - 40km/H High Pedestrian Activity Area In Central Sydney | PDF 1.7Mb
57.Traffic Treatment Pedestrian Crossing - Windmill Street Millers Point | PDF 76Kb
58.Traffic Treatment - Macleay Street and Rockwall Crescent Potts Point | PDF 97Kb
59.Traffic Treatment - Macleay Street and Challis Avenue Potts Point | PDF 94Kb
60.Traffic Treatment Wylde Street Near Grantham Street Potts Point | PDF 119Kb
61.Traffic Treatment - In Lane Bus Stop and Modification of Intersection Layout of Bourke Road and Doody Street Alexandria | PDF 760Kb
62.Traffic Treatments - Parking and Intersection Changes For The 311 Bus Service | PDF 1.6Mb
63.Traffic Lights - Carrington Street and Margaret Street Sydney | PDF 286Kb
64.Proposed Kerb Extension - Pitt Street Sydney | PDF 105Kb
65.Proposed Energy Australia Electricity Kiosk - Stanley Street Darlinghurst | PDF 168Kb
66.Details of Approved Street Events 2010 | PDF 86Kb
67.Schedule of Conditions | PDF 168Kb