City of Sydney

Sydney Traffic Committee Meeting 17 March 2010


Meeting Wednesday 17 March 2010
Council Chamber, Town Hall House,
456 Kent Street, Sydney, at 2pm

1.Apologies | PDF 34Kb
2.Confirmation Of Minutes Of Meeting 2010/01 Held On 17 February | PDF 37Kb
3.Item For Committee Information - Thomas Street Ultimo - Part Time No Parking | PDF 113Kb
4.Item For Committee Information - Temporary Road Closures Albion Street Surry Hills | PDF 261Kb
5.Item For Committee Information - Temporary Road Closures Belmore Street Surry Hills| PDF 1.1Mb
6.Item For Committee Information - Temporary Road Closures Church Lane Surry Hills | PDF 164Kb
7.Item For Committee Information - Temporary Road Closures Hart Street Surry Hills | PDF 2.2Mb
8.Item For Committee Information - Temporary Road Closures Wellington Street Chippendale | PDF 257Kb
9.Street Events - Annual Event - Temporary Road Closures Mitchell Street Fete Gleb | PDF 150Kb
10.Street Events - Temporary Road Closures Lions Club International Parade | PDF 103Kb
11.Street Events Road Closures - Triathlon Itu World Championship | PDF 337Kb
12.Street Events Other Collins Street Surry Hills | PDF 315Kb
13.Street Events Other Little Bloomfield Street Surry Hills | PDF 247Kb
14.Street Events Other Marys Place Surry Hills | PDF 400Kb
15.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures George Street Sydney | PDF 455Kb
16.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures | PDF 109Kb
17.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures - Sussex Street Haymarket| PDF 1114Kb
18.Road Works - Temporary Road Closures Underwood Street Sydney | PDF 256Kb
19.Road Works - Temporary Road Closures Randle Lane Surry Hills PDF 516Kb
20.Road Works - Temporary Road Closures Stanley Street Darlinghurst And Sutton Lane Darlinghurst | PDF 136Kb
21.Works Zone Harris Street And Ada Place Pyrmont| PDF 142Kb
22.Works Zone Jamison Street Sydney | PDF 142Kb
23.Works Zone Phillip Street Sydney | PDF 139Kb
24.Works Zone - Little Hay Street Haymarket| PDF 108Kb
25.Works Zone - Goulburn Street Haymarket | PDF 114Kb
26.Works Zone - Allen Street Waterloo | PDF 209Kb
27.Works Zone Norfolk Street Newtown | PDF 80Kb
28.Works Zone Regent Street Chippendale | PDF 153Kb
29.Works Zone - Ripon Way Rosebery | PDF 105Kb
30.Parking 5 Minute Parking Bowman Street Pyrmont | PDF 112Kb
31.Parking New Bus Zones College Street Sydney And Crown Street Woolloomooloo | PDF 144Kb
32.Parking - No Parking And No Stopping Restrictions - Glebe Lane Glebe | PDF 116Kb
33.Parking - Loading Zone - Kent Street Sydney| PDF 109Kb
34.Parking Baldwin Street Erskineville Proposed Resident Permit Parking | PDF 89Kb
35.Parking Period Parking Roslyn Gardens Elizabeth Bay | PDF 130Kb
36.Parking Loading Zone Balfour Street Chippendale | PDF 85Kb
37.Parking Loading Zone Bartley Street Chippendale| PDF 85Kb
38.Parking - No Parking - Wilson St Newtown | PDF 66Kb
39.Parking - 1P Period Parking - Ralph Street Alexandria | PDF 115Kb
40.Parking - 2P 4P Ticket - Commonwealth Street Surry Hills | PDF 66Kb
41.Parking Proposed Permit Parking - York Street And York Lane Glebe | PDF 119Kb
42.Parking - Parking Changes - Young Street Waterloo | PDF 190Kb
43.Parking - Remove Disability Parking - Tilford Street Zetland| PDF 135Kb
44.Parking - Permit Parking - Egan St Newtown | PDF63Kb
45.Parking Unrestricted Parking Darcy Avenue Moore Park | PDF 65Kb
46.Car Share Argyle Street Millers Point | PDF 127Kb
47.Car Share Forbes Street Darlinghurst| PDF 127Kb
48.Car Share John Street Pyrmont | PDF 127Kb
49.Car Share Pirrama Road Pyrmont | PDF 127Kb
50.Car Share Union Street Pyrmont | PDF 129Kb
51.Car Share - Ashmore Street Erskineville | PDF 74Kb
52.Car Share Kent Street Millers Point | PDF 128Kb
53.Car Share Orphan School Creek Parkland | PDF 167Kb
54.Car Share - Railway Parade Erskineville | PDF 80Kb
55.Car Share Codrington Street Darlington | PDF 65Kb
56.Car Share Ivy Lane Darlington | PDF 65Kb
57.Car Share Ridge Street Surry Hills | PDF 66Kb
58.Car Share Shepherd Street Darlingtont | PDF 92Kb
59.Cycleway Bourke Street Cycleway Signs And Markings | PDF 8.8Mb
60.Traffic Treatment Pedestrian Crossing Goulburn Street Surry Hills | PDF 284Kb
61.Traffic Treatment Raised Platform - Rutland Street At Buckingham Street Surry Hills | PDF 533Kb
62.Foley Street Darlinghurst Proposed Road Closure | PDF 118Kb
63.Traffic Treatment Proposed Footpath Continuation (Gehl Treatment) | PDF 7.7Mb
64.Details Of Approved Street Events 201 | PDF 64Kb
65.Schedule Of Conditions | PDF 43Kb