City of Sydney

Sydney Traffic Committee Meeting 18 August 2010


Meeting Wednesday 18 August 2010
Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall,
at 2pm

1.Apologies | PDF 33Kb
2.Confirmation Of Minutes Of Meeting 2010/06 Held On 21 July 2010 | PDF 37Kb
3.Parking - No Stopping - Darling Lane Glebe | PDF 111Kb
4.Item For Information - Parking - Defries Avenue Zetland | PDF 143Kb
5.Item For Committee Information - Temporary Road Closures Marys Place Surry Hills | PDF 374Kb
6.Item For Information - Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures | PDF 103Kb
7.Item For Informatin - Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures Castlereagh Street Sydney | PDF 344Kb
8.Street Event Temporary Road Closure - Australian Beer Festival | PDF 269Kb
9.Street Events - Sydney Running Festival 2010 | PDF 2.04Mb
10.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures Wolseley Grove Zetland | PDF 141Kb
11.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures Market Street And Castleregah Street Sydney | PDF 2.64Mb
12.Works Zone Onslow Avenue Elizabeth Bay | PDF 121Kb
13.Works Zone - St James Road Sydney | PDF 137Kb
14.Works Zone Goderich Lane Potts Point | PDF 138Kb
15.Parking - No Parking - Alexandra Lane Glebe | PDF 110Kb
16.Parking - No Parking - Boyce Lane Glebe | PDF 111Kb
17.Parking 5 Minute Parking And Taxi Zone Shelley Street Sydney | PDF142Kb
18.Parking No Stopping - Upper Road Forest Lodge | PDF 107Kb
19.Parking Police Parking Bayswater Road Kings Cross | PDF 144Kb
20.Parking Period Parking Hart Street Surry Hills | PDF 157Kb
21.Parking Permit Parking - Crown Street Surry Hills | PDF 156Kb
22.Parking Permit Parking Dalley Lane Redfern | PDF 150Kb
23.Parking - Permit Parking - Hordern Street Newtown | PDF 62Kb
24.Car Share - Baroda Street Elizabeth Bay | PDF 135Kb
25.Car Share - Erskine Street Sydney | PDF 117Kb
26.Car Share - St Neot Avenue Potts Point | PDF 115Kb
27.Car Share - Charles Street Erskineville | PDF 66Kb
28.Car Share - Grandstand Parade Zetland | PDF 65Kb
29.Car Share - Morrissey Road Erskineville | PDF 65Kb
30.Car Share Cooper Street Surry Hills | PDF 159Kb
31.Car Share Kippax Street Surry Hills | PDF 167Kb
32.Car Share Redfern Street Redfern | PDF 176Kb
33.Car Share Short Street Surry Hills | PDF 160Kb
34.Parking Motorbike Parking George Street Redfern | PDF 63Kb
35.Parking - Motorbike Parking - Kippax Street Surry Hills | PDF 158Kb
36.Pay Parking Ticket Parking Palmer Street Darlinghurst | PDF 151Kb
37.Pay Parking Albion Street Surry Hills | PDF 153Kb
38.Details Of Approved Street Events 2010 | PDF 81Kb
39.Schedule Of Conditions | PDF 198Kb