City of Sydney

Sydney Traffic Committee Meeting 19 May 2010


Meeting Wednesday 19 May 2010
Council Chamber, Town Hall House,
456 Kent Street, Sydney, at 2pm

1.Apologies | PDF 38Kb
2.Confirmation Of Minutes Of Meeting 2010/03 Held On 21 April 2010 | PDF 42Kb
3.Car Share Shepherd Street Darlington | PDF 72Kb
4.Filming - Temporary Road Closure - Sussex Street Sydney | PDF 567Kb
5.Temporary Road Closure - Macquarie Street Sydney| PDF 859Kb
6.Street Events Kensington Street Chippendale | PDF 515Kb
7.Roadworks - Temporary Road Closures Sussex Street Sydney | PDF 418Mb
8.Works Zone Victoria Street Darlinghurst | PDF 87Kb
9.Works Zone Extension - Thomas Street Haymarket | PDF 125Kb
10.Works Zone - Commomwealth Street Surry Hills | PDF 78Kb
11.Works Zone Little Hay Street Haymarket | PDF 168Kb
12.Parking Permit Parking Precinct Area 17 Darlinghurst | PDF 344Kb
13.Parking Motorcycle Parking Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross | PDF 87Kb
14.Parking - Taxi Zone - George Street Sydney | PDF 126Kb
15.Parking Proposed Authorised Parking Mountain Street Ultimo | PDF 121Kb
16.Parking - No Parking - Angel Street Newtown PDF 66Kb
17.Parking - Extend No Stopping - Salisbury Lane Rosebery| PDF 77Kb
18.Parking - No Parking - Garden Street Alexandria | PDF 319Kb
19.Parking - No Parking - William Lane Alexandria | PDF 77Kb
20.Parking 1p Parking - Wyndham Street Alexandria | PDF 86Kb
21.Parking - Remove Bus Zone - Mcevoy Street Waterloo | PDF 278Kb
22.Parking - Remove Disability Parking - Belmont Street Alexandria | PDF 182Kb
23.Car Share Kent Street Millers Point | PDF 111Kb
24.Car Share Angel Street Newtown | PDF 67Kb
25.Car Share Chalmers Street Redfern | PDF 68Kb
26.Car Share Gordon Street Paddington | PDF 75Kb
27.Traffic Treatment Footway Widening Blackfriars Street Chippendale | PDF 136Kb
28.Traffic Treatment Footway Widening Myrtle Street Chippendale | PDF 568Kb
29.Traffic Treatment - Chinatown Early Start Projects | PDF 287Kb
30.Traffic Treatment - Shared Zone - Kimber Lane Haymarket | PDF 240Kb
31.Traffic Treatment Shared Zone - Factory Street Haymarket | PDF 241Kb
32.Parking - Pitt Street Mall | PDF 83Kb
33.Details Of Approved Street Events 2010 | PDF 88Kb
34.Schedule Of Conditions | PDF 202Kb