City of Sydney

Sydney Traffic Committee Meeting 20 October 2010


Meeting Wednesday 20 October 2010
Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall,
at 2pm

1.Sydney Traffic Committee- List Of Meeting Dates For 2011 | PDF 56Kb
2.Item For Committee Information - Temporary Road Closure - Grafton Lane Chippendale | PDF 732Kb
3.Item For Committee Information - Temporary Road Closures Arthur Street And Phelps Street And Rainford Street Surry Hills | PDF 217Kb
4.Street Events Temporary Road Closure -Glebe Street Fair | PDF 264Kb
5.Street Event- Temporary Road Closure - Temperance Lane Sydney - Asian Australian Artists | PDF 131Kb
6.Street Event- Temporary Road Closure - Temperance Lane Sydney | PDF 130Kb
7.Street Events Temporary Road Closures- Ash Street Closure If Awards Ceremony | PDF 235Kb
8.Street Events - Nsw Scottish Regimental Association Church Parade | PDF 359Kb
9.Street Event Temporary Road Closure - Sydney To The Gong Bike Ride | PDF 146Kb
10.Street Events - Temporary Road Closure - Parker Street Haymarket | PDF 158Kb
11.Street Events Other - Temporary Road Closure - Little Bloomfield Street Surry Hills | PDF 248Kb
12.Street Events Temporary Road Closure - Foley Street Darlingurst | PDF 320Kb
13.Street Events - Premier's Christmas Gala Concert For Groups 2010 | PDF 505Kb
14.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures - Castlereagh Street Sydney | PDF 353Kb
15.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures - Harbour Street Sydney | PDF 1Mb
16. Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures - Macarthur Street Ultimo | PDF 346Kb
17.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures - Phillip Street Sydney | PDF 135Kb
18.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures - Pitt Street Sydney | PDF 643Kb
19.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures - Chalmers Lane Surry Hills | PDF 275Kb
20.Works Zone - Castlereagh Street Sydney | PDF 122Kb
21.Works Zone - Phillip Street Sydney | PDF 146Kb
22.Works Zone - Redfern Street - Redfern | PDF 146Kb
23.Parking Loading Zone - Sussex Street Sydney | PDF 89Kb
24.Parking Loading Zone Argyle Place Millers Point | PDF 127Kb
25.Parking Bus Zone Clarence Street Sydney | PDF 74Kb
26.Parking - No Stopping - King Street Sydney | PDF 92Kb
27.Parking - Bus Zone Relocation Albion Street Surry Hills | PDF 60Kb
28.Parking - Night Time Taxi Rank - King Street Newtown | PDF 71Kb
29.Parking - Night Time Taxi Rank - Oxford Street Darlinghurst | PDF 65Kb
30.Parking - No Parking - Bourke Lane Redfern | PDF 112Kb
31.Parking - Period Parking - Botany Road Rosebery | PDF 205Kb
32.Parking - Permit Parking - Chelsea Street Redfern | PDF 108Kb
33.Parking - 15 Minute Parking - Pine Street Chippendale | PDF 206Kb
34.Car Share - Billyard Avenue Elizabeth Bay | PDF 110Kb
35.Car Share - Kelly And Mountain Streets Ultimo | PDF 707Kb
36.Car Share - Clement Street Rushcutters Bay | PDF 65Kb
37.Car Share - Darley Street Darlinghurst | PDF 65Kb
38.Car Share - Elizabeth Bay Road Elizabeth Bay | PDF 67Kb
39.Car Share - Kings Cross Road Darlinghurst | PDF 64Kb
40.Car Share - Orwell Street Potts Point | PDF 72Kb
41.Car Share - Sussex Street Sydney | PDF 63Kb
42.Car Share - Wylde Street Potts Point | PDF 62Kb
43.Car Share - Bellevue Street Surry Hills | PDF 62Kb
44.Car Share - Copeland Avenue Newtown | PDF 138Kb
45.Car Share - Macdonald Street Erskineville | PDF 137Kb
46.Car Share - Maddox Street Alexandria | PDF106Kb
47.Car Share - Mitchell Road Alexandria | PDF 61Kb
48.Car Share - Queen Street Newtown | PDF 87Kb
49Pay Parking - Hardie Street Darlinghurst | PDF 87Kb
50.Pay Parking - Oconnell Street Sydney | PDF 151Kb
51.Pay Parking - Jamison Street Sydney | PDF 213Kb
52.Cycleway - Kent Street Cycleway Stage 2 Two-Way Separated Cycleway And Mixed Traffic | PDF 170Kb
53.Traffic Treatment Stop Control - Bell Street Glebe | PDF 130Kb
54.Traffic Treatment - Zig Zag Pavement Markings - Rothschild Avenue Rosebery | PDF 173Kb
55.Traffic Treatment - Shared Zone - Chapel Street Woods And Liverpool Lanes Darlinghurst | PDF 158Kb
56.Traffic Treatments - Bourke Street And Phillip Street Waterloo | PDF 2.1Mb
57.Traffic Treatments - Sydney Gate Waterloo | PDF 81Kb
58.Traffic Treatment Channelisation Shepherd Street Chippendale | PDF 83Kb
59.Traffic Treatment - Footway Widening - Copeland Avenue Newtown | PDF 167Kb
60.Traffic Treatment - Footway Widening Stewart Street Paddington At Regent Street | PDF 2.1Mb
61.Traffic Treatment - Footway Widening Union Street Newtown | PDF 81Kb
62.RTA State Roads - Extend Bus Zones Cleveland Street Surry Hills | PDF 83Kb
63.Details Of Approved Street Events 2010 | PDF 167Kb
64.Schedule Of Conditions | PDF 198Kb