City of Sydney

Central Sydney Planning Committee Meeting 12 May 2011


Thursday 12 May 2011
Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall, at 7pm

1.Disclosures of Interest | PDF 44Kb
2.Confirmation of Minutes | PDF 42Kb
3.Matters arising from the Minutes | PDF 42Kb
4.Report Summarising Determinations Delegated By The Central Sydney Planning Committee To The City Of Sydney Council | PDF 69Kb
5.Conclusion Of The Ultimo Pyrmont Public Amenities And Services Agreement | PDF 90Kb
6.Central Sydney Planning Committee Sub-Committees - Update | PDF 42Kb
7.General Business | PDF 43Kb

Memos Relevant To Items on the Council Agenda

5.0Memo Relevant To Item 5 | PDF 85 Kb
Item 5 Attachment A | PDF 1008 Kb
Item 5 Attachment B | PDF 93 Kb
Item 5 Attachment C | PDF 6 Mb
Item 5 Attachment D | PDF 77 Kb