City of Sydney

Central Sydney Planning Committee Meeting 18 August 2011


Thursday 18 August 2011
Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall, at 6pm

1.Disclosures of Interest | PDF 44Kb
2.Confirmation of Minutes | PDF 42Kb
3.Matters rising from the Minutes | PDF 42Kb
4.Summary of outstanding applications to be reported to the Central Sydney Planning Committee | PDF 67Kb
5.Report summarising determinations delegated by the Central Sydney Planning Committee to The City of Sydney Council | PDF 68Kb
6.Development Application: 48-50 Martin Place Sydney - Commonwealth Bank Building | PDF 945Kb
7.Integrated Development Application: 19-31 Pitt Street Sydney | PDF 1.7Mb
8.Development Application: 114-120 Joynton Avenue Zetland | PDF 2Mb
9.Central Sydney Planning Committee Sub-Committees - Update | PDF 43Kb
10.General Business