City of Sydney

Corporate, Finance, Properties and Tenders Committee Meeting Monday 9 May 2011


Monday 9 May 2011
Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall.
At 1.00pm.

1.Disclosures of Interest | PDF 47Kb
2.Draft 2010/11 Quarter 3 Review – Corporate Plan 2011-2014 | PDF 90Kb
3.Investments Held As At 31 March 2011 | PDF 60Kb
4.Investments Held As At 30 April 2011 | PDF 57Kb
5.Integrated Planning And Reporting And Draft Corporate Plan 2012-2015 And Budget 2011/12 | PDF 126Kb

6.Goods And Services Tax Certificate For Period 1 May 2010 To 30 April 2011 | PDF 56Kb
7.External Memberships Held By The City Of Sydney | PDF 60Kb
8.Dedication Of Road - 19A and 20A Gadigal Avenue Zetland | PDF 62Kb
9.Acquisition Of Land – Portion Of Waverley Depot - Implementation Of East-West Boulevard Within Green Square Town Centre | PDF 84Kb
10.Acquisition Of 19-21 Lachlan Street Waterloo | PDF 85Kb
11.Proposed Sale Of 9-11 Gibbons Street (Gibbons Street Depot) And 5-7 Marian Street (Mower Workshop) Redfern In The Provision Of Affordable Housing | PDF 100Kb
12.Exemption From Tender - Variations To Planned Building Services Contracts | PDF 69Kb
13.Tender - City Recital Hall Audio Upgrade Project | PDF 60Kb
14.Tender - Visualisation Software For The 3D Electronic Built Form Model | PDF 67Kb
15.Tender - Supply Of Carbon Offsets | PDF 80Kb
16.Tender - Eco-Driver Training Services | PDF 63Kb
17.Tender - Purchase, Supply And Installation Of Nine Silenced, Truck Mounted High Pressure Water Cleaners | PDF 61Kb
18.Tender – Purchase And Delivery Of Four Large Capacity Road Sweeping Machines | PDF 60Kb
19.Tender - Cook And Phillip Park Irrigation Installation | PDF 64Kb
20.Tender – Cook And Phillip Park Pool Waterproofing Works | PDF 64Kb
21.Tender – SydneyCBD Laneways Revitalisation - Albion Place | PDF 67Kb
22.Exemption From Tender – Additional Contingency For Head Consultancy Services Contract – Waterloo Oval Youth Facility Upgrade | PDF 62Kb