City of Sydney

Corporate, Finance, Properties and Tenders Committee Meeting Monday 18 July 2011


Monday 18 July 2011
Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall.
At 2.00pm.

1.Disclosures of Interest | PDF 47Kb
2.Investments Held As At 30 June 2011 | PDF 63Kb
3.Amended Fees And Charges 2011/12 – Public Exhibition | PDF 60Kb
4.The Closure And Sale Of Lucas Lane Camperdown | PDF 60Kb
5.Tender - Hanging Baskets | PDF 62Kb
6.Tender - Replacement Of Electronic Hand Held Personal Digital Assistant Equipment | PDF 60Kb
7.Tender - Ultimo Community Centre Lift 2 Upgrade Project | PDF 60Kb
8.Tender - Bourke Road Alexandria – In-Lane Bus Stop And Intersection Widening | PDF 60Kb
9.Chinatown Public Domain Improvements – Early Start Projects In Little Hay Street, Kimber Lane And Factory Street – Increased Construction Contract Contingency | PDF 60Kb