City of Sydney

Local Pedestrian, Cycling and Traffic Calming Committee Meeting 16 March 2011


Meeting Wednesday 16 March 2011
Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall, at 2pm

1.Apologies | PDF 33Kb
2.Confirmation Of Minutes Of Meeting 2011/01 Held On 16 February 2011 | PDF 37Kb
3.Information For Committee Information - Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures - Mountain Street And Smail Street Ultimo | PDF 742Kb
4.Item For Committee Information - Collins Street Surry Hills | PDF 124Kb
5.Street Event Australian Hotel Anzac Day 2011 Kerbside Parking Use And Temporary Installation Of No Stopping Signs | PDF 356Kb
6.Street Event Glenmore Hotel Anzac Day 2011 Kerbside Parking Use And Temporary Installation Of No Stopping Signs | PDF 187Kb
7.Street Events - Temporary Road Closure - Sun-Herald City To Surf Fun Run | PDF 215Kb
8.Street Events - Temporary Road Closures - Nithsdale Lane Sydney | PDF 238Kb
9.Street Events Temporary Road Closure - Australian Air League| PDF 86Kb
10.Street Event - Temporary Road Closure Sydney Film Festival - Temperance Lane Sydney | PDF1.4Mb
11.Street Events Annual - Anzac Day Parade| PDF 126Kb
12.Street Events Annual Dykes On Bikes After Mardi Gras Party | PDF 196Kb
13.Filming - Temporary Road Closure - Eveleigh Lane Redfern | PDF 219Kb
14.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closure Bond Street Sydney | PDF 282Mb
15.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closure Castlereagh Street Sydney | PDF 255Kb
16.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures Erskine And Clarence Streets Sydney | PDF 302Kb
17.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closure - Hughes Street Potts Point | PDF 505Kb
18.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closure - Pitt Street And Cunningham Street Sydney | PDF 105Kb
19.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closure - Yurong Street Sydney | PDF 136Kb
20.Roadworks - Temporary Road Closure - Angel Place Sydney | PDF 778Kb
21.Roadworks - Temporary Road Closures Local Roads In City Of Sydney | PDF 8.4Mb
22.Works Zone - Crown Street Darlinghurst | PDF 98Kb
23.Works Zone - Phillip Street Sydney | PDF 97Kb
24.Works Zone - Larkin Street Camperdown | PDF 113Kb
25.Works Zone - Oatley Road Paddington | PDF 76Kb
26.Parking - Permit Parking - Hereford Street Forest Lodge | PDF 104Kb
27.Parking - No Stopping Taxis Excepted 1 Minut Limit - Kent Street Sydney | PDF 101Kb
28.Parking - School Days Parking | PDF 115Kb
29.Parking - No Stopping- Stokes Avenue Alexandria | PDF 694Kb
30.Parking - 4P Period Parking - Pitt Street Waterloo | PDF 72Kb
31.Parking - Disability Parking - Belmont Street Alexandria | PDF 86Kb
32.Parking - No Parking - Emanuel Lane Rosebery | PDF73Kb
33.Parking - Unrestricted Parking - Retreat Street Alexandria | PDF 74Kb
34.Parking No Parking - Brocks Lane Newtown | PDF 59Kb
35.Parking Permit Parking - Susan Street Newtown | PDF 61Kb
36.Car Share - Darlinghurst Road Darlinghurst | PDF 140Kb
37.Car Share - Forbes Street Darlinghurst | PDF 132Kb
38.Car Share - Bowman Street Pyrmont | PDF 114Kb
39.Car Share - Craigend Street Darlinghurst | PDF 128Kb
40.Car Share - Crown Street Surry Hills | PDF 67Kb
41.Car Share - Kippax Street Surry Hills | PDF 68Kb
42.Car Share - Rosyln Gardens Eizabeth Bay | PDF 132Kb
43.Motorbike Parking - Ralph Street Alexandria | PDF 90Kb
44.Traffic Treatment Closed To Traffic - Temperance Lane Sydney | PDF 99Kb
45.Traffic Treatment Pedestrian Crossing - Windmill Street Millers Point | PDF 89Kb
46.Traffic Treatment - Phillip Street At Marriott Street Redfern | PDF 140Kb
47.Traffic Treatment - Pedestrian Crossing - Belvoir Street Surry Hills | PDF 81Kb
48.Traffic Treatment - Pedestrian Crossing - Riley Street Surry Hills At Reservoir Street | PDF 178Kb
49Shared Zone - Leinster Street Paddington | PDF167Kb
50.Linemarking - Wilson Street Newtown | PDF 63Kb
51.Details Of Approved Street Events 2011 | PDF 72Kb
52.Schedule Of Conditions | PDF 129Kb