City of Sydney

Local Pedestrian, Cycling and Traffic Calming Committee Meeting 17 August 2011


Meeting Wednesday 17 August 2011
Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall, at 2pm

1.Apologies | PDF 343Kb
2.Confirmation of Minutes of Meeting 2011/06 held on 20 July 2011 | PDF 38Kb
3.Item for Committee Information - Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closure Jones Bay Road Pyrmont | PDF 305Kb
4.Street Events Temporary Road Closure - Pirrama Road Pyrmont | PDF 895Kb
5.Street Events - Sydney Running Festival | PDF 1.1Mb
6.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closure - Castlereagh Street Sydney | PDF 150Kb
7.Mobile Crane - Temporary Road Closure - Riley Street Surry Hills | PDF 415Kb
8.Road Works - Temporary Road Closure Lime Street Sydney | PDF 240Kb
9.Road Works - Temporary Road Closure - Redfern Street Redfern | PDF 396Kb
10.Works Zone - Clarence Street Sydney | PDF 120Kb
11.Works Zone - Gloucester Street the Rocks | PDF 104Kb
12.Works Zone - Harrington Street the Rocks | PDF 115Kb
13.Works Zone - Hughes Street Potts Point | PDF 104Kb
14.Works Zone - Pitt Street Redfern | PDF 69Kb
15.Parking - Arthur Street Forest Lodge | PDF 166Kb
16.Parking Bus Zone Extension Clarence Street Sydney | PDF 136Kb
17.Parking Night Time Taxi Zone - Kent Street Sydney | PDF 144Kb
18.Parking Taxi Zone - Park Street Sydney | PDF 132Kb
19.Parking No Stopping Woods Lane Darlinghurst | PDF 133Kb
20.Parking 5 Min P and Taxi Zone - Campbell Street Haymarket | PDF 134Kb
21.Parking - No Stopping - Jesson Street Surry Hills | PDF 62Kb
22.Parking No Stopping - Harrington Street the Rocks | PDF 105Kb
23.Parking - 15 Minute Parking - Turner Street Redfern | PDF 64Kb
24.Parking - No Parking - George Street Redfern | PDF 50Kb
25.Parking - Permit Parking - Vine Street Darlington | PDF 67Kb
26.Parking - Permit Parking - Wilson Street Darlington | PDF 66Kb
27.Car Share - Adelaide Street Surry Hills | PDF 73Kb
28.Car Share - Billyard Avenue Elizabeth Bay | PDF 109Kb
29.Car Share - Burton Street Darlinghurst | PDF 106Kb
30.Car Share - Campbell Street Surry Hills | PDF 67Kb
31.Car Share - Coulson Street Erskineville | PDF 70Kb
32.Car Share - Crescent Street Redfern | PDF 71Kb
33.Car Share - Foveaux Street Surry Hills | PDF 67Kb
34.Car Share - Kellett Street Potts Point | PDF 107Kb
35.Car Share - Knight Street Newtown | PDF 72Kb
36.Car Share - Merton Street Zetland | PDF 72Kb
37.Car Share - Murray Street Pyrmont | PDF 106Kb
38Car Share - Orwell Street Potts Point | PDF 106Kb
39.Car Share - Turner Street Redfern | PDF 67Kb
40.Car Share - Wyndham Street Alexandria | PDF 74Kb
41.Motorbike Parking Mclachlan and Neild Avenues Rushcutters Bay | PDF 127b
42.Parking - Motor Bike Parking - Codrington Street Darlington | PDF 62Kb
43.Parking Motorbike Parking - Wilson Street Newtown | PDF 66Kb
44.Traffic Treatment Pedestrian Crossing Victoria Street Potts Point At Earl Street | PDF 110Kb
45.Traffic Treatment - Bourke Road Alexandria - Proposed Median | PDF 1.2Mb
46.Traffic Treatment - Gadigal Avenue Zetland Proposed Extension of Median | PDF 479Kb
47.Traffic Treatment - Federal Black Spot Program | PDF 807Kb
48.Traffic Treatment - Footway Widening and One Way - Wiley Street Chippendale | PDF 111Kb
49.Traffic Treatment - Raised Pedestrian Crossing - Newman Street Newtown At King Street | PDF 81Kb
50.Traffic Treatment - Removal of Speed Hump- Bucknell Street Newtown | PDF 319Kb
51.Removal of Road Widening Requirement on the Title of 207-211 Darlinghurst Road - Darlinghurst | PDF 598Kb
52.Other Roads Authorities Proposals - Temporary Installation Pedestrian Crossing and Refuge Islands Hickson Road and Napoleon Street | PDF 772Kb
53.Other Roads Authorities Proposals - Temporary Parking Lane Closure Hickson Road | PDF 134Kb
54.Details of Approved Street Events 2011 | PDF 84Kb
55.Schedule of Conditions | PDF 157Kb