City of Sydney

Corporate, Finance, Properties and Tenders Committee Meeting Monday 13 February 2012


Monday 13 February 2012
Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall.
At 1.00pm.
At The Conclusion of The Environment and Heritage Committee

1.Disclosures of Interest | PDF 47Kb
2.2011/12 Quarter 2 Review – Corporate Plan 2012-2015 | PDF 167Kb
3.Investments Held As At 31 December 2011 | PDF 62Kb
4.Investments Held As At 31 January 2012 | PDF 62Kb
5.Naming Proposal - Pocket Park - 3B Farrell Avenue Darlinghurst | PDF 67Kb
6.Tender - Purchase, Supply And Installation Of Two 12m³ Rear Loading Refuse Collection Bodies| PDF 65Kb
7.Tender - Supply And Delivery Of Two Sweeper Scrubbing Machines | PDF 65Kb
8.Tender - Purchase And Delivery Of One Large Capacity Vacuum Loading Drain Cleaning Machine| PDF 62Kb
9.Tender - Digital Radio Communications Upgrade | PDF 64Kb
10.Tender - City Tactile Supply And Installation | PDF 75Kb
11.Tender - Purchase And Delivery Of Two Replacement Monochrome Copiers | PDF 62Kb
12.Tender - Millers Point Community Facility Upgrade | PDF 69Kb
13.Tender - Photovoltaic Systems Design And Installation On The City's Buildings And Operations | PDF 82Kb
14.Tender - Alexandria Oval Stormwater Harvesting | PDF 76Kb
15.Tender - Panel Of Experts For The Delivery Of Green Infrastructure | PDF 81Kb