City of Sydney

Corporate, Finance, Properties and Tenders Committee Meeting Monday 18 June 2012


Monday 18 June 2012
Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall.
At 2pm.

1.Disclosures of interest | PDF 46Kb
2.Corporate Plan 2012-2015 (2012 Revision) And Budget 2012-2013 - Adoption | PDF 91Kb
3.Investments Held As At 31 May 2012 | PDF 90Kb
4.Community Wellbeing Indicators - Adoption | PDF 106Kb
5.Naming Proposal - Rosebank Park | PDF 69Kb
6.Owner’s Consent And Road Dedication – Public Domain Improvements In Association With Development Of 2A Allen Street And 280 Jones Street Pyrmont | PDF 91Kb
7.Draft Generic Plan Of Management – Parks, Sportsgrounds And General Community Use - Adoption | PDF 77Kb
8.Approval for Retail Leases | PDF 56Kb
9.Lease - Level 18 Town Hall House to JTB Pty Ltd | PDF 61Kb
10.Exemption From Tender - Purchase Supply And Installation Of Three Tiltip Truck Bodies | PDF 61Kb
11.Tender – Supply And Installation Of Signposting And Pavement Markings| PDF 66Kb
12.Tender – City Of Sydney Consultancy Services For Property And Planning | PDF 68Kb
13.Tender - Design Consultancy Services For The Sydney Town Hall Façade Conservation Project Stage 2 | PDF 67Kb
14.Tender – Redfern Town Hall Façade Repair | PDF 65Kb
15.Tender - Photovoltaic Systems Design And Installation On The City's Buildings And Operations

No report will be circulated

16.Tender - Public Artist Consultancy Services - ‘New Century Garden’ Thomas Street And Hay Street Improvements Chinatown | PDF 69Kb
17.Tender - Supply Of Specialist Metal Works For The El Alamein Fountain Kings Cross | PDF 66Kb
18.Tender - Christmas 2012 - Supply And Installation Of Christmas Decorations And Trees | PDF 67Kb
19.Tender - Sydney New Year's Eve - Pylon Projections | PDF 64Kb
20.Tender - Sydney New Year's Eve - Barges Hire And Tug Services | PDF 68Kb
Confidential Item Item 21 Will Be Dealt With By the Corporate, Finance, Properties and Tenders Committee While the Meeting Is Closed to the Public
21.Lease - Level 16 and Part Level 17 Town Hall House (Confidential)