City of Sydney

Cultural and Community Services Committee Meeting Monday 26 March 2012


Monday 26 March 2012,
Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall.
At the conclusion of the Environment and Heritage Committee.

1.Disclosures of Interest | PDF 47Kb
2.Local Action Plans Matching Grants for 2011/12 - Fifth Allocation | PDF 76Kb
3.Village to Village Shuttles and Community Transport | PDF 134Kb
4.Expression of Interest - Reginald Murphy Centre | PDF 75Kb
5.Redfern Shopfront Improvement Matching Grant Program - Policy Review | PDF 96Kb
6.Redfern Shopfront Improvement Matching Grant Program - Funding Request - Peter Borbilas - 274 Abercrombie Street, Darlington | PDF 65Kb
7.Finegrain Business Development Matching Grant Program - Matched Funding Request - TSN and JL Pty Ltd Trading as Lychee Vietnam | PDF 65Kb