City of Sydney

Local Pedestrian, Cycling and Traffic Calming Committee Meeting 19 September 2012


Meeting Wednesday 19 September 2012
Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall, at 2pm

1.Apologies | PDF 35Kb
2.Confirmation Of Minutes Of Meeting 2012/07 Held On 15 August 2012 | PDF 40Kb
3.Roadworks - Temporary Road Closures - Hay Street Haymarket | PDF 399Kb
4.Item For Committee Information - Separated Bi-Directional Cycleway Wentworth Avenue Sydney | PDF 354Kb
5.Item For Committee Information 2013-14 Black Spot Program | PDF 133Kb
6.Item For Committee Information - Filming - Temporary Authorised Vehicle Reserve - Bourke Street Surry Hills | PDF 188Kb
7.Street Event Australian Hotel Beer Festival Kerbside Parking Use And Temporary Installation Of No Stopping Signs | PDF 282Kb
8.Street Events Temporary Road Closure - Glebe Street Fair | PDF 2.1Mb
9.Street Events - Santa Fun Run - Pyrmont And Darling Harbour | PDF 953Kb
10.Street Events - Spring Cycle 2012 | PDF 150Kb
11.Street Events - Crown Lane Darlinghurst - Crave Sydney Food Festival | PDF 600Kb
12.Street Events Woop Rolling Festival - Forbes Street Darlinghurst | PDF 372Kb
13.Filming - Temporary Road Closure - Erskine Street And Shelley Street Sydney | PDF 469Kb
14.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures Barncleuth Lane Potts Point | PDF 511Kb
15.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures Carrington Street Sydney | PDF 316Kb
16.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures Jones Bay Road Pyrmont | PDF 96Kb
17.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures - Parker Lane Haymarket | PDF 214Kb
18.Mobile Crane - Temporary Road Closures - Raper Street Surry Hills | PDF 411Kb
19.Mobile Crane - Temporary Road Closures - Riley Street Surry Hills | PDF 384Kb
20.Works Zone - Quay Street Thomas Street And Ultimo Road Haymarket | PDF 151Kb
21.Works Zone - Castlereagh Street Sydney | PDF 139Kb
22.Works Zone - Defries Avenue Zetland | PDF 132Kb
23.Parking Taxis - Bayswater Road Potts Point | PDF 116Kb
24.Parking - Bus Zone - Joynton Avenue Zetland | PDF 133Kb
25.Parking - No Stopping - Sydney Lane Erskineville | PDF 95Kb
26.Parking - Permit Parking - Little Eveleigh Street Redfern | PDF 163Kb
27.Car Share Boundary Street Redfern | PDF 159Kb
28.Car Share Brisbane Street Surry Hills | PDF 177Kb
29.Car Share Harris Street Pyrmont | PDF 72Kb
30.Car Share Jones Street Pyrmont | PDF 116Kb
31.Car Share Mary Street Surry Hills | PDF 178Kb
32.Car Share Norfolk Street Newtown | PDF 161Kb
33.Car Share Taylor Street Darlinghurst | PDF 172Kb
34.Car Share Riley Street Darlinghurst | PDF 116Kb
35.Traffic Treatment - Pedestrian - Footway Widening - King Street Newtown | PDF 3.7Mb
36.Traffic Treatments Roundabout Burton And Palmer Streets Darlinghurst | PDF 150Kb
37.Traffic Treatments Roundabout Mountain And Smail Streets Ultimo | PDF 164Kb
38.Other Busines - Gadigal And Defries Avenues And Wolseley Grove - Intersections Modification Traffic And Parking Restrictions And Line Markings | PDF 2.3Mb
39.Other Authorities - Bus Service Alterations Signposting Changes Bridge And Market Streets Sydney | PDF 416Kb
40.RMS Other Authoriities - Street Event - Parklife Festival Centennial Park | PDF 242Kb
41.RMS State Roads Proposed New Intersection Harold Park Precinct Forest Lodge | PDF 3.2Mb
42.RMS State Roads Proposed Bus Zones - Regent Street Sydney | PDF 109Kb
43.Details Of Approved Street Events 2012 | PDF 110Kb
44.Schedule Of Conditions | PDF 154Kb