City of Sydney

Local Pedestrian, Cycling and Traffic Calming Committee Meeting 20 June 2012


Meeting Wednesday 20 June 2012
Council Chamber, Sydney Town Hall, at 2pm

1.Apologies | PDF 35Kb
2.Confirmation Of Minutes Of Meeting 2012/04 Held On16 May 2012 | PDF 40Kb
3.Item For Committee Information - Works Zone King Street Sydney | PDF 104Kb
4.Street Events Temporary Road Closures - City To Surf | PDF 200Kb
5.Street Events Temporary Road Closure - City Transformation George Street Sydney | PDF 156Kb
6.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures - Campbell Street Haymarket | PDF 435Kb
7.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures - Castlereagh Street Sydney | PDF 670Kb
8.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures - Pitt Street And Cunninham Street Haymarket | PDF 224Kb
9.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures - Flemmings Lane Darlinghurst | PDF 390Kb
10.Mobile Cranes - Temporary Road Closures - Goodlet Street Surry Hills | PDF 846Kb
11.Works Zone - Forsyth Street Glebe| PDF 131Kb
12.Works Zone - Kent Street Sydney | PDF 125Kb
13.Works Zone - Burton Street Darlinghurst | PDF 103Kb
14.Works Zone - Crown Street Darlinghurst | PDF 94Kb
15.Works Zone - Earl Place Potts Point | PDF 120Kb
16.Works Zone - Pitt Street Sydney | PDF 105Kb
17.Works Zone - Danks Street Waterloo | PDF 85Kb
18.Works Zone - Gowrie Street Newtown | PDF 67Kb
19.Works Zone - Renny Street Paddington | PDF 68Kb
20.Works Zone - Short Street Redfern | PDF 71Kb
21.Parking - Harbour Street Haymarket | PDF 115Kb
22.Parking - Macleay Street Potts Point | PDF 118Kb
23.Parking - Goderich Lane Potts Point | PDF 121Kb
24.Parking - Dedicated Disability Parking - Darling Street Glebe | PDF 157Kb
25.Parking Wedding And Funeral Parking Kent Street Millers Point | PDF 106Kb
26.Parking No Parking And Ambulance Zone Victoria Street Darlinghurst | PDF 127Kb
27.Parking No Parking Buses Excepted Victoria Street Potts Point | PDF 77Kb
28.Parking - 15 Minute Parking - Beaconsfield Street Beaconsfield | PDF 79Kb
29.Parking Bus Zone - Baptist Street Redfern | PDF 199Kb
30.Parking - Permit Parking - Precinct Area 22 Newtown | PDF 262Kb
31.Parking - Permit Parking - Precinct Area 32 Darlington | PDF 348Kb
32.Parking - Permit Parking - Precinct Area 36 Macdonaldtown | PDF 303Kb
33.Parking - Belvoir, Elizabeth, Goodlet And Clisdell Streets Surry Hills | PDF 696Kb
34.Parking - Permit Parking - Victoria Street Beaconsfield | PDF 80Kb
35.Parking - Temporary Loading Zone - George Street Sydney | PDF 120Kb
36.Parking - Bus Zone - Thomas Street Ultimo | PDF 149Kb
37.Parking - Permit Parking - Stewart Street Paddington | PDF 68Kb
38.Parking - Permit Parking - Riley Street Surry Hills | PDF 175Kb
39.Parking - Permit Parking - Telopea Street Redfern | PDF 176Kb
40.Parking No Parking - Toxteth Lane Glebe | PDF 124Kb
41.Parking - Permit Parking-Young Street Redfern | PDF 161Kb
42.Car Share Boundary Street Darlinghurst | PDF 118Kb
43.Car Share Elizabeth Bay Road Elizabeth Bay | PDF 121Kb
44.Car Share Experiment Street Pyrmont | PDF 117Kb
45.Car Share Greenknowe Avenue Potts Point | PDF 119Kb
46.Car Share Roslyn Gardens Elizabeth Bay | PDF 113Kb
47.Car Share Stanley Street Darlinghurst | PDF 119Kb
48.Car Share Fig Street Ultimo | PDF 124Kb
49.Car Share Marlborough Street Glebe | PDF 126Kb
50.Car Share Abercrombie Street Chippendale | PDF 177Kb
51.Car Share Clisdell Street Surry Hills | PDF 102Kb
52.Car Share Phelps Street Surry Hills | PDF 160Kb
53.Motorbike Parking - Foster Street Surry Hills | PDF 65Kb
54.Parking Traffic Lanes And Parking Arrangement Along Kent Street For Implementation As Part Of The Stage 2 Of Kent Street Cycleway | PDF 4.6Mb
55.Traffic Treatment Traffic Treatment Proposed Roundabout Booth Street Wigram Road Annandale | PDF 474Kb
56.Traffic Treatment - Shared Path Chalmers, Surry Hills | PDF 930Kb
57.Other Business - Closure Of A Portion Of Elger Street Glebe | PDF 640Kb
58.Other Business - Eagar Street Proposed Closure Sydney | PDF 532Kb
59.Other Business - New Road Configuration Distillery Drive Pyrmont | PDF 1.1Mb
60.Other Pedestrian Crossing O'Connor Street - Frasers Broadway Site Chippendale | PDF 1.6Mb
61.Details Of Approved Street Events 2012 | PDF 93Kb
62.Schedule Of Conditions | PDF 46Kb
63.Parking No Parking Station Place Eveleigh | PDF 99Kb
64.Parking Permit Parking Dadley Street Alexandria | PDF 192Kb
65.Parking Permit Parking Dibbs Street Alexandria | PDF 136Kb
66.Parking - Permit Parking - Henderson Road Alexandria | PDF 292Kb
67.Parking Permit Parking Railway Parade Erskineville | PDF 110Kb
68.Parking No Parking Allen Lane Alexandria | PDF 165Kb
69.Parking No Parking Henderson Lane Alexandria | PDF 386Kb
70.Parking No Parking Lyne Lane Alexandria | PDF 130Kb
71.Parking Permit Parking Alexander Street Alexandria | PDF 172Kb
72.Parking Permit Parking Brandling Street Alexandria | PDF 143Kb
73Parking Permit Parking Buckland Street Alexandria | PDF 116Kb
74.Parking Permit Parking Explorer Street Eveleigh | PDF 132Kb
75.Parking Permit Parking Henderson Road Alexandria | PDF 387Kb
76.Parking Permit Parking Jennings Street Alexandria | PDF 137Kb
77.Parking Permit Parking Kingsclear Road Alexandria | PDF 152Kb
78.Parking Permit Parking Lyne Street Alexandria | PDF 206Kb
79.Parking Permit Parking Mitchell Road Alexandria | PDF 131Kb
80.Parking Permit Parking Monks Lane Alexandria | PDF 114Kb
81.Parking Permit Parking Newton Street Alexandria | PDF 167Kb
82.Parking Permit Parking Renwick Lane Alexandria | PDF 121Kb
83.Parking Permit Parking Renwick Street Alexandria | PDF 304Kb
84.Parking Permit Parking Rowley Street Eveleigh | PDF 118Kb
85.Parking Permit Parking Suttor Street Alexandria | PDF 162Kb
86.Parking Permit Parking Wyndham Street Alexandria | PDF 107Kb