Monday 11 December 2017

Item 1
 Confirmation of Minutes 
Item 2
 Disclosures of Interest 
Item 3
 Minutes by the Lord Mayor 
Item 3.1
 Moore Park Community Action 
Item 3.2
 Our City: 175 Years in 175 Objects 
Item 4 Memoranda by the Chief Executive Officer
Item 4.1
 4.1 Inclusion (Disability) Advisory Panel – Recruitment of New Members and Re-Appointment of Continuing Members 
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 Attachment B 
Item 4.2
 4.2 Request to Extend the Term of the Current Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Panel for Six Months until 1 August 2018 
 Attachment B 
Item 5
 Matters for Tabling 
Item 6
 Report of the Corporate, Finance, Properties and Tenders Committee – 27 November 2017 
Item 7
 Report of the Environment Committee – 27 November 2017 
Item 8
 Report of the Cultural and Community Committee – 27 November 2017 
 Memo Relevant to Item 8.2 
Item 9
 Report of the Planning and Development Committee – 27 November 2017 
 Memo Relevant to Item 9.3 
 Memo Relevant to Item 9.5 
 Memo Relevant to Item 9.9 
 Memo Relevant to Item 9.10 
Item 10
 Development Application: 208–218 Riley Street Surry Hills – Cambridge Hotel 
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 Attachment D 
 Attachment E 
Item 11
 Establishment of the Design Advisory Panel Residential Subcommittee 
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Item 12
 Proposed Grant To Ausgrid – Permanent Demand Reduction Program 
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Item 13
 Green Square Town Centre Integrated Community Facility and School – Project Development Deed 
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 Attachment B 
Item 14
 Property Matter – Proposed Conditional Sale of Land at 11 Gibbons Street Redfern for Affordable and Social Housing 
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Item 15
 Compulsory Acquisiton by RMS of 9 Cumberland Street, Millers Point (Part) for the Purpose of Installing an Accessible Lift Link to Sydney Harbour Bridge 
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Item 16
 Pemulwuy Project – Variation of Deed to the Aboriginal Housing Company 
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 Attachment C 
Item 17
 City Spaces for Same-Sex Marriage Temporary Category for Waiving Fees 
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 Memo Relevant to Item 17 
Item 18
 Variation To Contract – Sydney New Year's Eve Crowd and Transport Management Services 
Item 19
 Questions on Notice 
Item 20
 Supplementary Answers to Previous Questions 
Item 21
 Notices of Motion 
 Minutes – 11 December 2017