Central Sydney Planning Committee
Thursday 21 July 2016

Item 1
 Disclosures of Interest 
Item 2
 Confirmation of Minutes 
Item 3
 Matters Arising from the Minutes 
Item 4
 Development Application: 906 Bourke Street Zetland 
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Item 5
 The Central Sydney Planning Strategy – Planning Proposal to Amend Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2012 – Amendments to Sydney Development Control Plan 2012 
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Item 6
 Post Exhibition – 45 Murray Street Pyrmont – Planning Proposal and Sydney Development Control Plan 2012 Amendment 
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 Memo Relevant to Item 6 
Item 7
 Post Exhibition – Revised Planning Proposal, Development Control Plan and Voluntary Planning Agreement – Lend Lease Circular Quay Site – Alfred Pitt Dalley and George Street Block 
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Item 8
 Public Exhibition – Planning Proposal – Amendment to Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2013 – Green Square Town Centre – Mirvac Green Square and UrbanGrowth NSW 
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 Minutes - 21 July 2016