Development Application: 45-47 Crown Street, Woolloomooloo - D/2019/832

Decision Maker: Local Planning Panel

Decision status: Recommendations Determined


The Panel refused consent for Development Application No. D/2019/832 for the following reasons, subject to the following amendment (deletions shown in strikethrough):

(A)      Insufficient justification has been provided to support the variation to exceed the Clause 4.4 Floor Space Ratio development standard in accordance with Clause 4.6 of Sydney LEP 2012. The proposed development is considered incongruous to its setting and offers a poor level of amenity to its occupants, therefore not achieving better development outcomes.

(B)      The proposal results in excessive height, bulk and scale and fails to comply with the height in storeys provision in Section 4.2.1 of Sydney DCP 2012. 

(C)      The proposal results in unsympathetic alterations and additions to contributory buildings within the Woolloomooloo Conservation Area (CA71), resulting in a significant overdevelopment of the site and poor streetscape outcome. The proposal is therefore inconsistent with the requirements of Clause 5.10 of the Sydney LEP 2012 and Section 3.9 of the Sydney DCP 2012.

(D)      The proposal results in an unacceptable level of amenity for existing and proposed dwellings and does not satisfy the principles and provisions of SEPP 65 Design Quality of Residential Apartment Development and the Apartment Design Guideline with regard to common open space, private open space, solar access and natural cross ventilation. 

(E)      The proposal is non-compliant with the amenity provisions outlined in Section 4.2.3 of the Sydney DCP 2012 with regard to solar access, common and private open space.

(F)      The proposal does not represent design excellence in accordance with Clause 6.21 of the Sydney LEP 2012.

(G)      The proposal is not in keeping with the existing or desired character of the area and is not in the public interest.

Carried unanimously.



Report author: Daniel Stanley

Publication date: 20/11/2019

Date of decision: 20/11/2019

Decided at meeting: 20/11/2019 - Local Planning Panel

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