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Decision Maker: Local Pedestrian, Cycling and Traffic Calming Committee

Decision status: Recommendations Determined




It is recommended that the Committee note its plan to change from ticketed parking scheme to a metered parking scheme within the Place Management NSW area of operations. An exception is Argyle Street which is co-owned by City of Sydney, whose scheme will remain ticketed.

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The Committee unanimously supported the recommendation.


Place Management NSW (PMNSW) notifies the committee of the change in existing ticketed parking scheme in PMNSW’s area of operations (refer location map for meter locations). In due course, it will introduce a mobile phone application for motorists to pay the fee.

On 19 January 2019, PMNSW established a ticketed parking scheme for 52 meters on PMNSW owned roads across The Rocks, Darling Harbour and Pyrmont area of operations. The scheme was previously managed by City of Sydney and surrounding streets continue to be managed by the City. The meters were installed as ticketed parking meters with the capability of moving towards ticketless (pay by plate) parking at a future date.

The scheme was implemented and PMNSW made the decision to remain a ticketed scheme to align with the current City of Sydney parking scheme.

PMNSW is now implementing changes to introduce a ticketless parking scheme. All 52 meters will convert to ticketless, except for one meter on Argyle Street. Argyle Street is currently owned by both PMNSW and the City of Sydney, whose meters will remain ticketed. This exception is to ensure that the entire street has the same parking scheme applied.

Additionally, PMNSW is planning to introduce alongside the metered scheme. This will give motorists the opportunity to choose to pay the parking fees via mobile application (app) should they wish to do so.

The transition of PMNSW scheme from ticketed to metered is expected to occur between August and September 2019.

Report author: Van Le

Publication date: 15/08/2019

Date of decision: 15/08/2019

Decided at meeting: 15/08/2019 - Local Pedestrian, Cycling and Traffic Calming Committee

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