Development Application: 89-105 Kent Street, Sydney

13/02/2019 - Development Application: 89-105 Kent Street, Millers Point

The Panel granted consent to Development Application No. D/2018/1008 subject to the conditions set out in Attachment A to the subject report.

Reasons for Decision

The application was approved for the following reasons:

(A)      The proposed development is consistent with section 4.15 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, in that it satisfies the provisions of Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2012 and Sydney Development Control Plan 2012 and for the reasons outlined in the report submitted to the Local Planning Panel.

(B)      Conditions are recommended that reduce the size of the outdoor dining area to ensure a clear path of travel is provided and the hours of operation of the outdoor area are restricted to 10pm daily to ensure that the use of the footway area is only possible in association with the consumption of food.

Carried unanimously.



The following person addressed the meeting of the Local Planning Panel on Item 4 – Paul Upham (Highgate Owners Corporation – on behalf of residents).