Development Application: 15-17 William Street, Alexandria - D/2020/1059

30/06/2021 - Development Application: 15-17 William Street, Alexandria - D/2020/1059

The Panel deferred consideration of Development Application No. D/2020/1059 until a subsequent meeting of the Local Planning Panel to enable the applicant to submit, within a maximum of 21 days, additional information and amended plans which address the Panel’s concerns regarding compliance with State Environmental Planning Policy No 55 in relation to site contamination, as well as the Panel’s concerns regarding the design of the application including the interface between the two proposed building blocks on site as well as the interface with neighbouring buildings. The internal and external amenity for future residents and neighbouring residents is also required to be more effectively addressed, in particular the relationship between habitable rooms across the central courtyards. 

Reasons for Decision

The Panel expressed reservations regarding the application in its current form however considered it reasonable to defer rather than refuse the application as there appears to be reasonable potential that the additional information required to be submitted by the applicant within a maximum of 21 days will enable finalisation of the assessment. 

Carried unanimously.



Anthony Betros (ABC Planning) and Derek Raithby (DRA) – on behalf of the applicant.