Other Authorities - Traffic Treatment - Temporary Road Closure - George Street, The Rocks

Decision Maker: Local Pedestrian, Cycling and Traffic Calming Committee

Decision status: Recommendations Determined




It is recommended that the Committee endorse the extension of the temporary road closure of the northbound lane of George Street, The Rocks, between Argyle and Globe Streets, until 31 May 2021.

Voting Members for this Item


Voting Members



City of Sydney



Place Management NSW



Transport for NSW



NSW Police – Sydney City PAC



Representative for the Member for Sydney





The Committee unanimously supported the recommendation.


George St The Rocks between Globe St and Argyle St was presented to the LPCTCC and the CSTTC and approved on a month to month basis from 8th July 2020 in support for businesses and tenants during the COVID19 response.

Dated back till 17th July, Place Management NSW submitted a request to the LPCTCC for out of session approval to extend this northbound closure until the 3rd of August. The City of Sydney, NSW Police, Transport NSW and the Representative for the Member for Sydney advised no objection to the continuation of this arrangement on a month to month basis.

This proposal is for the

·                Closed northbound carriageway closure of George St, The Rocks between Globe Street and Argyle Street until Monday 31 May 2021

·                Parking, loading zone and mail zone changes on the western side of George Street between Argyle St and Globe St until Monday 31 May 2021.


PMNSW will following consultation with Port Authority NSW and TFNSW agree to remove the George St closure if the Overseas Passenger Terminal cruise vessel operations is returning and other traffic management alternatives cannot be negotiated, scaled back or successfully resolved with TfNSW Police and Port Authority.

Report author: Clement Lim

Publication date: 15/04/2021

Date of decision: 15/04/2021

Decided at meeting: 15/04/2021 - Local Pedestrian, Cycling and Traffic Calming Committee

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