Timing of Lighting Upgrades in Joynton Park

Decision Maker: Council

Decision status: Recommendations Determined


Moved by Councillor Scott, seconded by Councillor Thalis –

It is resolved that: 

(A)      Council note:

(i)         the City has 368 parks and reserves and 14 sports fields. The majority of iconic and neighbourhood parks have lighting schemes allowing them to be used at night;

(ii)        lighting is provided in the City’s parks in accordance with the Sydney Lights Public Domain Design Code (Sydney Lights Code) adopted by Council in 2015;

(iii)      the City has received approximately 200 community enquiries regarding lighting in parks over the past 12 months. These vary considerably in content from not enough light, too much light, lights coming on too late/early, lights not working, lights in the wrong location, lights attracting anti-social behaviour and more;

(iv)      the City is currently undertaking a review and assessment of park lighting levels in Joynton Park;

(v)       a CEO Update, circulated on 16 July 2021 outlined the methodology staff were to take to investigate lighting at Pirrama Park, Joynton Park, Waterloo Park. The investigation will include design and consultation;

(vi)      the City has advised that an installation date is not yet available as outcomes of the investigation process are unknown;

(vii)     the City has committed to investigate lighting options for “off path” areas at Joynton Park;

(viii)    the City is currently analysing all park lighting enquiries received in the past 12 months to identify key issues;

(ix)      the City is currently undertaking a review of the Sydney Lights Code to see if it reflects community expectations regarding park lighting, parks use and safety and will update the Sydney Lights Code if required;

(x)       the outcome of the current City enquiries is not expected to be reported back to Councillors until Quarter 3 2021/22;

(xi)      the City does not expect to be undertaking any upgrade works until 2023/24;

(xii)     residents have expressed concerns about the length of the timeframe in which upgrade works will take place;

(xiii)    the 2019 population estimate for Green Square was 32,910 and this population is expected to grow exponentially to 63,050 by 2026. Joynton Park will be major green spaces for the expanding Green Square community and must be able to be safely enjoyed by all residents at all times; and

(xiv)    Joynton Park operates as a dog park allowing dogs to be off leash at all times. This is a great amenity to the local community but does pose a risk to residents at night when off leash dogs are less visible; and

(B)      the Chief Executive Officer be requested to investigate expediting lighting upgrade work in Joynton Park so it can be completed prior to winter 2022.

Carried unanimously.


Report author: Erin Cashman

Publication date: 15/11/2021

Date of decision: 15/11/2021

Decided at meeting: 15/11/2021 - Council

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