Air Purifiers in Schools

Decision Maker: Council

Decision status: Recommendations Determined


Moved by Councillor Scott, seconded by the Chair (the Lord Mayor) –

It is resolved that:

(A)      Council note:

(i)         the City of Sydney is implementing measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19, including implementing air cleaning and monitoring;

(ii)        children under the age of 12 are not currently able to be vaccinated against Covid-19 making them vulnerable to contracting the disease and experiencing severe disease;

(iii)      cleaned indoor air can reduce the spread of Covid-19 between people;

(iv)      the NSW Government has implemented measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 in schools including:

(a)       vaccinations for staff and eligible students;

(b)       ventilation;

(c)       outdoor teaching;

(d)       using masks;

(e)       additional hygiene supplies;

(f)        teaching in smaller groups;

(g)       continuing enhanced cleaning;

(h)       maintaining 1 person per 4 square metres; and

(i)        servicing and cleaning of air conditioning systems;

(v)       the NSW Department of Education purchased 19,000 air purifiers but will not permanently install them in classrooms, instead only distributing them in air quality emergencies;

(vi)      the NSW Government’s policy regarding ventilation is that schools should open their windows to create natural ventilation;

(vii)     P&C groups in NSW have raised funds to purchase air purifiers but this has been rejected by the Department of Education; and

(viii)    parents are concerned about the lack of ventilation and air purification in schools, especially as summer temperatures will limit the ability to open windows for natural ventilation; and

(B)      the Lord Mayor be requested to write to the Minister for Health and the Minister for Education advocating for air purification systems to be installed in all City of Sydney schools to limit the spread of Covid-19.

Carried unanimously.


Report author: Erin Cashman

Publication date: 15/11/2021

Date of decision: 15/11/2021

Decided at meeting: 15/11/2021 - Council

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