Cliff Noble Community Centre Hearing Loop Installation

Decision Maker: Council

Decision status: Recommendations Determined


Moved by Councillor Scott, seconded by the Chair (the Lord Mayor) – 

It is resolved that:

(A)      Council note:

(i)         Alexandria’s Cliff Noble Community Centre is a widely utilised City of Sydney facility that is essential to local residents within the area, especially seniors who use this space as a way to connect with other local residents and to access services that enhance their quality of life;

(ii)        currently services offered here include creative writing classes, dance classes, fitness classes and arts and crafts classes. These classes and other services provided by the centre attract a diverse range of community members including many who have impairments such as hearing impairments;

(iii)      currently the Cliff Noble Community Centre does not have a permanent hearing loop installed which makes it difficult for residents who need support for their hearing to participate in services within this centre and to utilise the services offered;

(iv)      the absence of a hearing loop alienates people who struggle with hearing;

(v)       under the current system different community centres have different systems to assist people with hearing difficulties, however the system varies according to the specific need and is not accommodated for permanently at the Cliff Noble Community Centre;

(vi)      currently, inbuilt hearing augmentation systems link to inbuilt amplification systems, which are not currently available at the Cliff Noble Community Centre;

(vii)     such a system supports those who wear a hearing aid or alternatively have a cochlear implant;

(viii)    the review implemented by the City recommended that inbuilt systems should be fitted in larger facilities where larger activities and events take place, not including any of the smaller centres such as Cliff Noble Community Centre; and

(ix)      the City is currently trialling portable hearing loops in the Cliff Noble Community Centre. Portable systems can be used to both support those who are hard of hearing as well as those who need to wear a hearing aid or cochlear implant; and

(B)      the Chief Executive Officer be requested to:

(i)         review the trial, including consultation with attendees of Cliff Noble Community Centre, and report back to Councillors via the CEO Update;

(ii)        depending on the trial outcomes and community feedback, consider the installation of a hearing loop in Alexandria’s Cliff Noble Community Centre within this Council term, and report back to Councillors via the CEO Update;

(iii)      review the accessibility in all other City community centres to ensure, where required, they are also equipped with hearing loops; and

(iv)      report back on the progress of installation and review in the CEO Update.

Carried unanimously.


Report author: Erin Cashman

Publication date: 16/05/2022

Date of decision: 16/05/2022

Decided at meeting: 16/05/2022 - Council

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