Appointment of New Member to the Nightlife and Creative Sector Advisory Panel

Decision Maker: Council

Decision status: Recommendations Determined


Memorandum by the Chief Executive Officer

To Council:

On 23 October 2017, Council resolved to establish a Nightlife and Creative Sector Advisory Panel to provide expert advice to the City on how it can best work with industry, business and other government agencies to support a thriving, diverse and safe nightlife.

Panel members have a broad range of expertise in the nightlife sector, such as event and festival production, small bars, hotels, cafés and restaurants, live music, electronic dance music production, performance spaces, building and regulatory frameworks, and public safety. The current panel is comprised of 14 members and one City of Sydney Councillor.

In March 2019, panel member Greg Turton informed the City that he was leaving the industry and could no longer represent the nightclub sector on the Nightlife and Creative Sector Advisory Panel, as originally appointed.

Clause 3.8 of the Terms of Reference for the Nightlife and Creative Sector Advisory Panel (Attachment A), states that members of the panel must be appointed by the Chief Executive Officer and ratified by Council. Clause 3.12 states that if a member resigns during their period of appointment the Chief Executive Officer will appoint a new member. Clause 3.2 calls for the composition of the panel to provide fair representation of nightlife stakeholders, representing (as much as possible) the diversity of the City of Sydney local government area.

At the Nightlife and Creative Sector Advisory Panel meeting on 1 May 2019, members were advised of the resignation of Greg Turton. The panel agreed  that a representative from the Haymarket area should be sought given the significant contribution this precinct makes to the city's nightlife. The City reviewed the applications received as part of the original call for expressions of interest in February 2018, however, no eligible candidates from Haymarket were identified.

Additional industry consultation has since identified Jessie Xiao, Director of the Umi group and Mizuya and Vice President of the Haymarket Chamber of Commerce, as a suitable representative. Ms Xiao is recommended on the basis of her skills and experience as a small business owner in the Haymarket area and her engagement with the local business community through her work with the Haymarket Chamber of Commerce.


It is resolved that Council ratify the appointment of Jessie Xiao (Umi Group) as a new member to the City of Sydney’s Nightlife and Creative Sector Advisory panel for a period of two years.


Chief Executive Officer

Moved by the Chair (the Lord Mayor), seconded by Councillor Miller –

That the memorandum by the Chief Executive Officer be endorsed and adopted.

Carried unanimously.


Report author: Libby Harris

Publication date: 19/08/2019

Date of decision: 19/08/2019

Decided at meeting: 19/08/2019 - Council

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